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Know What Your Child’s Learning with IXL Diagnostic

Know What Your Child’s Learning with IXL Diagnostic

We have been loving our time with IXL. I feel like it’s straight to the point and that’s why we love it. You can log in and choose which skills you want your child to work on. Today, my son logged in and worked on grouping. We love how simple and effective this learning program is – especially as homeschoolers. I wanted to share some exciting news from IXL!

IXL Diagnostics

Introducing IXL Diagnostic

Who doesn’t want to know where their child is at in their learning journey? The cool thing about IXL Diagnostic is that you can watch your kids make the connections. As your child learns new skills, you get to see that first hand!

Action Plans

Our kids learn better when they are presented with the right tools. I feel as though IXL Diagnostic helps personalize learning for our children. You can use the tailored skill recommendations from IXL to help you guide your kids. You will also help them learn what they’re ready to work on next! I love this because I know my kids are being challenged on the right level.

Up to minute insights

Anytime you want to know what your kids know, you can look at the IXL Diagnostic and get a precise answer. You get to help your kid improve because you can see what they need help in. Watch your kids be challenged in ways you have never seen because you know what they need to learn.

We have had a positive experience with IXL and I know you will too. I love how straightforward everything is and the website and apps are easy to navigate. The IXL Diagnostic helps me to teach my kids what they need to know. I can also challenge them, instead of boring them!

What are you waiting for? Sign your kids up for IXL to give them that extra boost in learning. You won’t be disappointed in any way. We love IXL, but we also love their tools like the IXL Diagnostic.

Jess Weaver

Jess is a mom of 4 kiddos, wife to a handsome bearded man, she loves writing, sleeping, and sunshine.



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Kelly Freeman

Great insight for my daughter who has dyslexia and needs all the help we can get for her.