How to Host a Last-Minute Holiday Party

How to Host a Last-Minute Holiday Party

The holidays are quickly approaching and I am so excited. Nothing gets me more excited than the feeling that Christmas brings. Maybe the season got ahead of you and now you are busy prepping a last-minute holiday party. Keep these tips in mind, you’ll need them!

Pick out the menu

It’s going to be hard to host anything if you don’t have a menu. The best part about hosting is that you get to choose the menu! You can pick something as simple or as complicated as you would like. There have been Thanksgivings where I have kept it extremely easy and other years I went all out. An example of a simple menu might be appetizers. An elaborate meal might include a ham and all the fixings. You get to be in control of the menu as the hostess (insert evil laugh here).

Make a list, check it twice

The thing about being last minute is that you probably don’t have a lot of time to go back and forth to the store. Make a list of everything you need and email it to yourself. You are probably not going to forget your phone, so it makes sense to email it to yourself. I always check my list twice before I walk out of the store.

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Ask others to bring something

The beautiful thing about being the host is that you can ask others to bring something. Whether you ask them to bring a drink or a side dish, food is always welcome. Having others help you takes a lot of stress off you.

Hosting a last-minute holiday party might be stressful, but it’s so worth it. Having your friends and family over is something special. You can never get this time back, so won’t it be awesome knowing you spent it in the best way possible?


How to Host a Last-Minute Holiday Party





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