Life without…I’m not even sure where to begin!!

Life Without

Life without…I’m not even sure where to begin!! But we are going to start with family!! Family is so important to each and everyone of us and without family of some kind we wouldn’t be where we are today. Are our families perfect? No, but we all do make mistakes and that is what makes each family unique to them. Family in my book consists of “blood” family, adopted family, friends and anyone else that makes you feel comfortable. I have lots of great friends that I consider myself lucky to have met!! We are family because no matter what we stick it out through thick and thin.

Life without Internet would be so boring but yet rewarding!! I grew up without a computer at my side all of the time and I appreciate the small things in life. I think that in a lot of ways we are hurting our younger generations because they can’t just sit and visit like we did in the “old” days. Who remembers party lines? Wouldn’t kids today die if they had to have a party line to talk on? It is just one of those things that changes throughout our life and we come accustomed to having it all at our beck and call. I would hate to go without the Internet but sometimes I think an unplug every now and again is good for us all.

The last thing I wouldn’t want to live without is my husband Brady and my daughter Elizabeth. Yes, they drive me up the wall and back down again, but I know I do the same to them. The three of us together is the perfect little family and I am super thankful for both of them!! Each day we all get busy in our own things but always take time for each other and that is what is the most important!!

What would you hate to live without?