Link2Go Compass Unite Luggage from TravelPro

Link2Go Compass Unite Luggage from TravelPro

Link2Go Compass Unite Luggage from TravelPro!! I was sent two Link2Go Compass Unite Luggage from TravelPro for my trip to Los Angeles earlier this month. The trip has come and gone but the luggage truly was a lifesaver when it was time to pack. Because it was a business trip I was the only one traveling and because of that I only needed one of the suitcases. The day they arrived I took them out of the boxes, unwrapped them from the protective film and started placing items in them I knew I would have to pack.

I was impressed with the sturdiness of the luggage and that they had handles on three sides of each piece. This proved to be a great asset when getting them off the luggage carousel at the airports. They are affordable, lightweight and super easy to roll down the airport or anywhere for that matter. My husband wheeled my suitcase out the door the day of my trip and he said, “Man, this suitcase rolls just like a Cadillac.” I would have to agree because it was almost effortless to roll my luggage during the trip.

The wheels have 360 degree 4 Wheel Spinners that makes the suitcase easy to maneuver and smoothly glides no matter what direction you are trying to get it to move. On the inside there is a pocket that easily holds “wet clothes” or toiletries so that you don’t have a huge mess on your hands when it is time to unpack. All of my toiletries fit nicely into that pocket inside the cosmetic bag they were in and I am happy to report for the first time ever I didn’t have a huge mess to clean up after my travels.

There is also a reusable hanging laundry or shoe bag included with the suitcase that can help keep you organized during your travels. I used mine for a shoe bag because for a 3 day trip I brought 4 pairs of shoes. (You can never be to prepared). The locking retractable handle is also a must have because it can stop at 38 inches or 41 inches whichever you are most comfortable with. I stopped it the first height because I am short and it seemed to be perfect.


There is even an accessory clip on the top of the suitcase that allows you to attach bags, purses and almost anything right to it for easy organization in the airports. I clipped my carry-on bag/purse onto the suitcase and wheeled it around with ease and comfort. No more dead shoulders for me while traveling, or at least until I check my suitcase.

The Link2Go Compass Unite Luggage from TravelPro is available in blue or black and comes in 5 different sizes. Each piece of luggage comes with a 10 year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship which is amazing. I am impressed with the Link2Go Compass Unite Luggage from TravelPro because I can even link the two suitcases together in a matter of seconds with the velcro straps. Who knew traveling could be so easy with the Compass Unite Suitcase it can be a snap!!

Be sure to check out the Compass Unite 25 inch Expandable Suitcase at TravelPro today!! I promise it is worth the $118.99 because they are  great suitcases that are built to last much longer than the 10 year warranty.