The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Review

 The Little Mermaid Film Clips

The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Review!! I love getting to watch Disney Movies because they are just fun, exciting and makes you feel like a child at heart. The first preview was Jungle Book and it wasn’t long and I was singing, “Simple Bear Necessities.”  As well as remembering childhood memories. The next preview was for Frozen and I have to admit, I stopped what I was doing and just watched it. I LOVE Olaf, Sven and the other characters as well. But Olaf just makes the show and the animators, writers, directors and voice over people all did a fabulous job!

Mary Poppins is also being digitalized remastered and it is yet another great Disney movie that I grew up watching countless times. It is one of my moms favorite movies so as soon as I heard the music I knew that is what is what was coming. I can’t wait to get my hands on it as well!!

Then of course the magic of the sea took ahold and let me tell you, I flashed back to the Main Street Cinema in Trenton, MO. I loved The Little Mermaid then and I still love it today. It looks amazing because it has been digitally remastered and then the “song” came on. I then flashed back to our time spent with Jodi Benson and we were under the sea! I do have to admit, that when the screen credits came on I was as giddy as a school girl because I could actually say, “I know the writers, directors John Musker and Ron Clements and Jodi Benson.” It gave me goosebumps just thinking about the amazing trip and of course getting to watch the show after seeing some of the original artwork at the Animation Research Library.

When Ariel was “late” I remembered one of the things Lella Smith told us about why the “princesses” never have moms in the movies and why they are so young. It is because they try to stay “true to the story” and they married much younger back in the days of the original fairy tales.

The dinglehopper scene with Ariel, Flounder and Scuttle made me chuckle and giggle just like I was a little girl. Then Ursula came on and it just made me cringe! I still don’t “like” her but the movie wouldn’t be the same without her and the official Ursula fits the part perfectly. When Ariel was getting into trouble for missing the performance I actually heard that she was 16 years old. I had forgotten that part of the movie!

Then poor Sebastian got the chore of watching over Ariel trying to keep her out of trouble. And it reminded me of all the trials and tribulations teenagers go through with their parents. And I could so relate to King Tritan’s role as a parent as Ariel’s as a teenager! It sure is a tough few years as both the child and the parents.

Then when Ariel was watching the party on the ship and of course Prince Eric, the goosebumps came in again. It makes me just happy that even in the movies true love exists! But when the hurricane hit and Eric was in trouble she “rescued” him despite her Father’s warnings and poor Sebastian was not only in shock, but Eric was saved because of Ariel’s actions. Then when Eric came to he knew that she was the “one” for him. Sebastian swore that it would be “over”, but Ariel starting singing, “Part of Your World”, and Ursula was on the prowl.

I loved the part when Sebastian did his Jamaican singing scene, it is still one of my favorites and you can’t help but move and shake. Then when King Triton called Sebastian in, he spilled the secret that she was in “love” with a human. But of course the parent/child struggle took a hold because she didn’t follow the rules. And in true parent/teenager fashion, the parent “won” and the child was left heartbroken, but in all actuality they were both heartbroken. But Ursula and her helpers saw it as their opportunity to “trick” her into seeing the “darker” side to get what she wanted.

After a little bit of persuasion she went to see the “Sea Witch” Ursula and she gave her the “rules” and she made the deal. But she was at first conflicted because she would have her “man.” And of course the payment was of course of her voice, and after the signing of the contract, her voice was then Ursula’s as she sang for one last time so she could “take” it from her. It did make me tear up just a little because teenagers are always wanting to make a deal with the devil to get what they want. But she was turned into a human, given legs and then the adventure on land began.

But with the help of Max, Sebastian, Scuttle and of course Flounder they got Eric and Ariel together. But when she couldn’t talk he thought he had the wrong one, but he offered to help her anyway. After a bath and a few awkward moments they sat down to a dinner and the Dinglehopper of course was there for her to brush her hair. After an eventful dinner Sebastian and Ariel finally made it to their room for the night.

However, King Triton was still looking for them much like any worried parent would. But the next morning Eric and Ariel set out on a sight seeing adventure of the village and she was in awe of most things because it was a new land for her. But Scuttle wanted to sing to them, but when he failed Sebastian took over and used the surroundings to sing the ever famous song, “Kiss the Girl.”  But just as they were going to kiss, the boat flipped over because Ursula and her side kicks ( ) were up to no good.

The next thing I knew the Prince was going to get married and I was super excited, but I forgot that Ursula was imitating Ariel. And the real Ariel was of course heartbroken, but the fearless friends took matters into their own hands to stall the wedding. But just in the knick of time Ariel’s voice was set free and she got it back, but she didn’t quite make it and Ursula continued on her mean path.

But in the end the teenager and parent finally met in the middle or the common ground and the rest was history. There are a lot of great life lessons in this movie and it is still one of my absolute favorites. My niece Olivia who is 2 is super excited to see the “Mermaid” on tv so I will make her day when we watch it together this weekend!! And of course I printed these super cute activity sheets so we could make a day out of it!

Make sure you pick up a copy of The Little Mermaid the diamond edition on October 1st!! And #FindYourVoice with the next generation!