Logojoy for the Perfect Logo

Logojoy for the Perfect Logo

One of the hardest parts about starting a business is designing a logo especially if you aren’t a graphic designer. However, my friends over at Logojoy have the perfect solution because you are able to make a unique to you logo in as little as five minutes. While I do love my logo sometimes it is nice to update and change the look of your brand and Logojoy has allowed me to do that in under an hour. You start the process by simply adding in your company name and click get started. The next step is to pick 5 or more logos you like, they have several to choose from but not enough to overwhelm you like other sites.
After you select at least 5 logos that you like, you are given a continue button to move onto the next step. Which is colors, you pick the colors you like and hit continue, but don’t worry you can change things later to make it suit your own taste.


Pick your colors that you like

Then you tell them about your company or brand and they give you suggestions based on what you enter. I kept mine longer but you can do what you choose to do with your logo.


Up next is searching and adding up to 5 symbols that represent your business and enter your information to create an account. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to do this process which I LOVED!

Logojoy makes making a logo painless

After you create your account you are given some options to choose from and I had 11 some were very easy to eliminate while others were cute and stayed in the running for awhile.

Logo ideas

Then the real fun begins because you can edit them to make them just exactly as you envision them in your head. Logojoy brings your logo to life in as little as 5 minutes! Change colors, backgrounds, symbols, logos, font and size all with the click of the mouse. Once you have your logo exactly how you want it, all you have to do is click BUY! It is a simple step by step process that is an affordable option to help you get your business off the ground in minutes. Here is the logo that I ended up with:

Life with Heidi

Which I think is perfect for Life with Heidi! I also loved that you can even purchase your logo for social media sites and so much more with an additional fee and for less than $200 you can have a personalized logo made by you, to your specifications and move on to something else that needs your attention. Make your logo today with the help of Logojoy!




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