Looking for a Unique Vacation Idea?

*Disclosure: I received 5 days at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in exchange for my work. All other expenses were paid by myself. All opinions are 100% my own.


HorseShoe Canyon Ranch Are you looking for a unique vacation idea? Then look no farther than The Dude Ranch Association because they have unique experiences at a variety of locations across the United States. But The Dude Ranch Association didn’t stop there because you can even travel to British Columbia, Canada to experience their one-of-kind vacation destinations.

While I live in the country I’m not necessarily a country girl, but city life isn’t all that I look for either. I like a combination of the two for my family and I when we travel! But I will soon be heading out to try one of these unique vacation locations out and finding out what it is like to be on a working ranch. Most of the Dude Ranches have a variety of amenities available but their unique charm and quaintness will be something for the most seasoned families, individuals or even groups that love to travel.

Most of the ranches are located in the Western United States but we decided to travel to The Horseshoe Canyon Dude Ranch which happens to be the most “Eastern” of all their Dude Ranches. There will be lots of fun activities to do while I’m there but I think I am most looking forward to setting down and doing nothing at all!

But activities include: Horseback riding both scheduled or on your own which includes at least two rides a day. Trail Rides while on horseback is something I used to love to do, I haven’t done since I was a teen. Although a few years ago I did get up on a horse for a short period of time. Rock Climbing Skeet Shooting Zip Lining during the day or at a night Campfires Moonlight Rides Critter Hunts (although I’m not sure what critters there will be!) Barn Games Canoeing, swimming and many more fun activities. So if you are looking for a unique vacation idea check out these Dude Ranches and enjoy some down time with your family!

Here’s the necessities that I’m packing for my 5 day trip to Horseshoe Canyon! Dude-Ranch-Packing-List