How to Make Your Child’s First Halloween Special

How to Make Your Child’s First Halloween Special


How to Make Your Child’s First Halloween Special

Your kid’s first Halloween is quickly approaching and you want to make it special. There are things you can do to make your child’s first Halloween extra special for them and for you. Keep these tips in mind when planning their first Halloween-

#1. Plan the right costume.

Planning that first Halloween costume is kind of tricky. You have to make sure the outfit isn’t too hot or too cold. You also have to make sure it’s not too bulky or too tight. Find a simple, yet fun costume for them to wear. As you can see we went with Disney inspired costume for baby Mason to wear. But we stayed home and passed out candy, so for us it was perfect.

#2. Find the right place to Trick or Treat.

One of the most important parts of trick or treating is where you will trick or treat. Find a place that is safe and well lit up. Their first Halloween will be a little tricky because they’ll still be little and you will need to keep a close eye on them. So finding the right place to trick or treat is a must when it comes to making your child’s first Halloween special.

#3. Have the adults dress up.

Another way to ensure your child’s first Halloween is special is to make sure the adults dress up. Halloween doesn’t have an expiration date on it, so have fun dressing up right alongside your little tyke.

#4. Take lots of pictures.

Your child isn’t going to remember their first Halloween, but you can take pictures to help them remember. Their first Halloween is more special for you because you’ll remember every moment you had with them.

Making your child’s first Halloween special won’t take too much work. Have a nice comfortable costume for them to wear and make sure you trick or treat in a safe zone. Take lots of pictures and partake in dressing up yourself!



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Laura H

Great tips- especially taking lots of pictures & parents dressing up. My daughter loves it when mom & dad wear costumes along with her.
I adore the baby Mickey costume-sooo cute!


All great ideas! That mickey mouse costume is adorable too!

nidhi chauhan

I was looking for the inspiration to make a halloween costume for my sis-in-law’s baby. But now I think my search is over. I am gonna make this micky outfit for him. Thanks for sharing!

Angella Richards

MY son was Mickey for his first Halloween I adore this costume love it

Amber Ludwig

All great ideas!! We have a parade in my area and my son had so much fun watching that too!! I also suggest a baby carrier, so much easier than taking the stroller to and from houses!! My son got so tired so fast and our carrier came in handy!