Make Your Restaurant More Premium – Top 10 Design and Decor Hacks

Make Your Restaurant More Premium – Top 10 Design and Decor Hacks

An excellent restaurant isn’t just about good food and service but also about a good ambiance. If you are a restaurant owner and you’re looking to give your restaurant that much-needed makeover, there are several décor and design hacks that you can use to transform the place. Today, we have put together a list of these décor ideas that will help in upgrading the appeal of your restaurant. Here’s everything you need to know: 

Art Work For The Walls 

This suggestion is particularly useful for a restaurant that is very large and spacious. Covering the walls with artwork can be very effective in adding to the appeal of the commercial setup. Depending on the theme and style of your restaurant, you can opt for canvas paintings, framed printed serigraphs and so on. If you have a fine dining style restaurant, you can cover the walls with gorgeous abstract paintings, nature paintings and more. If you have a café style restaurant then you can opt for comical and funny caricature paintings for the walls and so on. The walls of a large sized restaurant will look less empty once adorned with artwork. 

Make Your Restaurant More Premium - Top 10 Design and Decor Hacks

Avoid Sound Echoes And Reverberation By Installing Sound Panels 

A large restaurant with wooden flooring and high ceilings may suffer from echoes. One effective way to prevent sound reverberation and echoes is by installing absorption panels in the restaurant. Not only do these acoustic art panels absorb the sound and prevent it from reflecting off hard surfaces, but they also have beautiful prints and patterns on them that can add to the charm of your restaurant. These acoustic absorption panels are affordably priced and act as an economical solution to prevent echoes. You can also invest in acoustic baffles for your restaurant’s ceiling to control the sound in the commercial setup. 

Make Your Restaurant More Premium - Top 10 Design and Decor Hacks

Wooden Flooring For Your Restaurant 

Let’s face it, wooden floorboards never run out of style. If you want to give your restaurant that rustic yet elegant vibe, then you should definitely get a wooden flooring for the setup. You can opt for earthy and nude tones when selecting the wooden floorboards. Tan wooden floors, beige wooden floors, light brown wooden floors land other such shades would be ideal for your restaurant. 

Lighting Options For Your Restaurant 

The lighting options that are installed in any restaurant play a very important role in adding to the appeal of the space. For a fine dining restaurant, you can opt for pendulum lights, chandeliers and other such upscale and classy options. For a café style restaurant ,you can opt for acrylic light boxes, hanging lights, string lights and more. If you want to give your restaurant a romantic appeal, then you can add a candle on every table and also add a few candles to the overall décor. 

Add An Artificial Waterbody To Your Restaurant 

Adding an artificial waterbody to your restaurant can give the surroundings an upscale and classy feel. You can opt for a koi pond, a small indoor waterfall, an indoor fountain or even glass waterfalls. 

Make Your Restaurant More Premium - Top 10 Design and Decor Hacks

Add Natural Elements To The Décor 

Adding natural elements to the décor of your restaurant is highly effective in giving the surroundings that added oomph! You can opt for natural elements like pebbles, plants, seashells and other such items for your restaurant. Indoor plants, lucky water bamboos, terrariums, succulents and other such options are ideal for a commercial setup. Largely sized seashells can be placed around the restaurant as showpieces and so on.

Accent Wall For The Restaurant 

If you have a small sized restaurant or a café style restaurant, you can opt for an accent wall to add color and character to the surroundings. When selecting a paint hues for the accent wall always opt for energetic color. Olive green, cerulean blue, cherry red, deep magenta, turquoise blue and other such options are ideal for the accent wall. 

Rich Tapestries For Your Chairs And Couches 

Contrasting rich and vibrant tapestries with a rustic décor in your restaurant can transform the space from rugged to upscale. You can opt for sofa covers and other upholstery. Deep shades of navy blue, royal purples, metallic blues and other such options are ideal to give your restaurant that premium appeal. 

Have An Open Style Restaurant Décor 

Having an open style restaurant décor is another effective way to transform the vibe of the surroundings. You can make your kitchen, whiskey tunnel or wine cellar a part of the décor itself. A large number of fine dining restaurants are now opting for a décor that’s open style. If you want to keep the safety of your customers in mind, then you can keep the separate the kitchen from the eating area with a glass partitioning. 

A Themed Restaurant 

Using a theme for your restaurant can make it easier for you to change the décor as per the theme. When selecting a theme for your restaurant always opt for one that’s evergreen. If you go in for a theme that’s in style right now but may run out of style in a couple of months, you will end up losing business. Hence, opt for a theme that fits your brand and your menu. Motorcar themes, sports themes, classic movie themes and other such ideas are ideal for your restaurant. Always give the people something that never gets old when selecting the theme. 

Redecorating your restaurant to give it that premium look doesn’t need much thinking. These ten tips and suggestions that we have put together for you will help you get the job done in no time. These suggestions are tried and tested and will give you the desired results you want. Most of the tips that we have are easy on the pocket too. Well, what are you waiting for? Get right to it and transform the décor of your restaurant for the upcoming season. We guarantee that your guests will be utterly impressed with the surroundings. 




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Tamra Phelps

I agree, the atmosphere in a restaurant does matter. Obviously, food and service are more important, but even if both are great, if the atmosphere is just uncomfortable or blah, the restaurant probably won’t succeed.