Meet Ruby AKA Diesel


Meet Ruby AKA Diesel


Meet Ruby AKA Diesel the latest member of the SMSL family, but she doesn’t replace our beloved Sadie. Here is the story of the loss of Sadie and the new addition of Ruby AKA Diesel and how it all came to be.

Back in August we went on a family vacation to Savannah, Georgia to see our nephew graduate from Basic Training. But we didn’t want to take Sadie with us, so she went visiting to my sister’s and brother house for the 7 days we were gone. She had a wonderful time visiting the nieces/nephews and of course the pets that belong in those houses too. Then we got home and our daughter went to pick her up. She wasn’t acting right and so we took her to the vet. She had a cyst like thing that needed to be cut out on her bottom and biopsied. So we dropped her off and went along our merry way.



Later that night the vet called us and told us that Sadie didn’t make it through the surgery because of her age as well as the cyst was to big. It wasn’t big on the outside, but it was big on the inside and around vital organs, so whatever she had, it had been there awhile. That was the night before our daughter Elizabeth started her Junior year. Fast forward, to December 12th, 2015 and we welcomed Ruby into our homes.

She is a Red Heeler and Mr. SMSL just had to have her. While Elizabeth doesn’t necessarily love her as much as she did Sadie, she is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives just like Sadie once did. She is a year old and not quite out of the puppy stage. But is quickly becoming an inside/outside dog just like Sadie. While she won’t replace our beloved Sadie who we had for over 12 years, she will be a great family pet. Ruby was her name when we got her, but Liz says she looks more like a Diesel, so hence the name change! Stay tuned for more Ruby AKA Diesel stories as they become available.