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DIY Minnie Mouse Ornament

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DIY Minnie Mouse Ornament
The holidays are almost here and that means gift giving is on everyone’s minds. But this Christmas has been a different one for our family so we decided to be a little more creative when it came time for gifts. So our daughter and I have been busy crafting lots of Disney themed ornaments for you to enjoy. Some of the ideas we had include: Frozen, Pluto, Cinderella, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmatians and several more! So be sure you following along for the next few weeks for a new Disney themed ornaments. 
DIY Minnie Mouse Ornament
To Make Your Minnie Mouse Inspired Ornament you need the following supplies: 
-Clear Glass Ornaments
-Red Paint
-White Paint Pen
-Ribbon for bow (Red with White Polka Dots)
-Ribbon for hanging (red)
-Hot Glue Gun
DIY Minnie Mouse Ornament
-Begin by coloring your ornament the base color. In order to do this, pour a good amount of paint into the ornament and swirl it around until it has completely covered the surface of the ornament.
-Next, Place your ornament upside down on a cup, or something like this in order to allow the excess paint to drip out and the ornament to dry completely. This could take up to a few hours.
-Once completely dry, take your white paint pen and simply draw white polka dots all over the bottom half of the ornament. This will make your ornament look like Minnie’s classic dress.
-Now, take your red ribbon with the white polka dots and tie a small piece into a bow. Hot glue to the top ornament to represent Minnie’s classic bow!
-Finish it off with a red ribbon for hanging and you are all finished.
After it is dry you can wrap it up for gift giving or hang it on the tree. Either way you go, I am positive this diy craft will be a hit with the kids as well as adults.
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