Missouri Earthquake September 3, 2016

Missouri Earthquake September 3, 2016

Saturday, September 3, 2016 at 7:02 AM I experienced my first earthquake that I could “feel”. I’ve been through several big ones through like the New Madrid Earthquake back in 1989 (But I don’t remember feeling it.) I remember hearing about it and practicing for an Earthquake through the years at home at and school. But I never really expected to “feel” an Earthquake. But today I can officially say I felt an Earthquake and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. 

Missouri Earthquake September 3, 2016

Through the years  I’ve been in countless drills, you know the one where the alarm goes off and you quickly head for cover under your school desk. It’s not a laughing matter at all, but is that desk really going to protect you?? I have my doubts, but hopefully I won’t ever have to find out. This morning when we had the Earthquake I was still in bed and was dreaming I was falling out of the bed. I know it is a little odd, but Saturday is a sleep in day for me.

I get up a few minutes later and I’m greeted with, did you feel the earthquake? So…I of course stand there open mouthed and am almost laughing as I second guess if he is really telling the truth. Low and behold he was telling the truth and he had a much better experience than I did. Brady said the house was swaying, and creaking and it was extremely eerie. That would be more of what I would expect to feel when an Earthquake strikes.

But for now my thoughts are with the people that live in North Central Oklahoma where the Earthquake originated (9 miles outside of Pawnee)  A 5.6 magnitude Earthquake is nothing to sneeze at. For now I’m all shook up with excitement from feeling my first Earthquake at a whopping 393 miles away. Stay safe!




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Britany Kincaid

I personally haven’t ever experienced an earthquake. I just pray everyone is safe.

Nancy Burgess

I hadn’t heard that you had an earthquake. That was strong to.

I have never experienced an earthquake and I hope I never have to. I am concerned about my sister and her family in OK because they are more likely to experience an earthquake.

Sarah L

We were in Yellowstone in 1959 when the earthquake happened. My father said it was a bear scratching his back on our trailer.

Sheila M.

This was the second one for me and both times they hit while I was in bed. It still scares me because it makes the reality of a big quake coming that much more real.


im lucky i dont ive near it i live in mii over 35 years and never had one near

Jerry Marquardt

I hope all is well. I am too far in the Chicago area, so it would take a strong before I would feel it, and I don’t want to.

Catherine Lewis

OHHH! How scary! I have never been in an earthquake, and I must say, I hope I never am. I’m so glad you are safe! Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again! We would all miss you!

Tricia Hope

Earth quake preparedness and safety are important where I live now,too.Amazes me how so many of my new friends are unprepared.

Karen Propes

Wow, some places you just don’t think about having earthquakes. We live on a vault line and I guess one day something may happen. I have felt earthquakes before, but not bad. I had heard about so many in California. Once during a business trip to San Fran, California, I took my daughter with me. We just went shopping one night an were looking at book bags. I hate to tell this but it”s was so funny afterwards. The lights went out and I freaked thinking it was caused by an earth quake we ducked down and grabbed some book… Read more »


I lived in California for the big San Francisco earthquake in the 80’s. I didn’t understand what was happening. Glad to read you are ok.

Ronald Gagnon

Thank God we do not get earthquackes here in Alberta, Canada..I can not imagine the fear and loss you must live through


An earthquake can be frightening. I live in Va., so rarely think about it. A few years back we did have one here. It rattled the dishes and cracked a wall. Luckily, it wasn’t bad considering the damage they can do. I think I was more shaken up over it because it was so rare and unexpected in this area. Glad to hear everythings okay!


A 5.6 is just a little shaker here in California, but I’m sure it’s quite a jolt if you’re not expecting earthquakes at all. Thanks for sharing!


Yes I know it is a weird experience.Never thought it would happen here.The first one I felt came off of Lake Ontario must have been close to February?Felt like my stomach fell miles!


I forgot to mention the year.1984!


I have never felt an Earthquake, but I have always been curious about them, I have always wanted to see a Tornado too sort of a Storm Chaser curiosity in me.. I have seen the aftermath of a Tornado that hit my Office Building. But I will much rather not see one, rather than actually be a victim a one.

I bet it was an interesting feeling. Thanks for the post!

Judy Thomas

We have been having earthquakes in the 7’s this past week along New Zealand with predicted tsunamis.Very scary but I have not felt one yet.

Jennifer Willenbrock

My parents live in Oklahoma City, but oddly my mom didn’t feel anything but the after shock that woke her up…wow!


I have been through several earthquakes luckily none of them that caused any major damage. Still scary though.


I hope everyone is alright. 🙁

Tammy Myers

I’m glad to have lived 40+ years w/ no noticiable earthquake experiences and hope that trend continues?

Tammy Myers

I’m glad to have lived 40+ years and never been in any noticeable earthquake experiences. Hope that trend continues!

Cassidy Ciazza

I’ve never experienced this..it’s been a year for wacky weather. Glad everyone is ok


Wow. I’ve lived thru a whole bunch of hurricanes but never an earthquake. I can’t imagine.

Cindy S.

Wow…had no idea you guys had earth quakes out there! 5.6 is STRONG! I grew up in southern California so I have definitely lived thru lots of quakes. I’ve had a few treasures get broken but so far we have been very fortunate.

Alecia K

I felt my first qarthquake a few weeks ago and it was so unexpected because nothing like that ever happens where I am! I didn’t know what in the world was happening but the town was full of excitement afterwards!

Susan Hartman

II can’t imagine wha a large quake feels like. Years ago I was WOKEN UP when a mini one hit the Ramapo fault. I jumped up and ran to my girls room.

Stacey Smith

I don’t always fill the earthquakes around here just like every other one for some reason .From Northern California.