Missouri May 2, 2013

Missouri May 2, 2013

Missouri May 2, 2013!! Yes, that is snow in Missouri on May 2nd, 2013 which hasn’t happen since 1907. Our daughter Elizabeth took that amazing picture when we arrived home from her Freshman FFA (Future Farmers of America) Banquet. She received two awards and as parents we were as proud as proud could be. So of course I had to share with you all her amazing photography skills and picture of her with her awards!!



After the banquet, we just spent the night together as a family which was nice. Friday was business as usual at our house until about 8:30 am May 3rd. The power went out, so I’m thinking life is good, I will do housework and things that don’t require electricity and it will be back on. Housework was completed, still no power so I went through my stack of magazines, browsing, reading a few and taking out the coupons. After about 12 magazines we still didn’t have power, so I used what was left of the laptop battery to do some scheduling for you all.

Now, what in the world is a blogger/Virtual Assistant supposed to do without electricity? Get creative right? I started some goody bags for an upcoming event thinking for sure it would be back on by the time I was done. No such luck, ok, so I decided to carry up some firewood, reported to Mr. SMSL that we still didn’t have power and he should find a generator. So I set to work on my phone for a little bit, what great idea smartphones are!! Out of phone battery, I went to the car to charge it, had my friend Marci schedule a few more posts for you all and the light bulb went off.

The other day I had jotted down some recipes for some homemade body scrub! That just takes sugar, jars, oils and water to clean up the mess. Check! I had all of those, so I made a few jars up. I’m hoping to make several more but since we have the generator it has been time to catch up online. But today was a great day spent unplugged and doing things the “old fashioned” way.