Missouri-Sports-Hall of Fame

Missouri Sports Hall of Fame

I am not a great big sports fan but my husband and brother in law are. So I surprised them with a trip to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in Springfield, MO. My husband is very skeptical about things like this as he is very proud of Missouri and its sports teams. So he went into the building not expecting a whole lot, but my to his surprise within minutes of being there, I received a text message that said, “This place is nothing like I expected. ”  For the next three and half hours we didn’t hear a word from my husband or brother in law.

Finally hearing from them I could tell he was very pleased with his experience there. They were both very surprised about the interactive games which patrons are allowed to play. They get to drive a virtual race care, throw passes at NFL receivers, and even shooting a few baskets.

My brother in laws favorite activity was getting to announce a baseball game with the announcer legend Harry Carry. Being a life long Cubs fan this was a dream come true for him and he had a ball. As you can see by the pictures we took a two year old boy with them. He even had a great time playing all of the interactive activities and enjoyed time with his Uncle Brady and Dad!

Overall it was a very successful trip and I found myself wishing that I had made the trip with them. When I asked my husband if he ever planned on going back to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame here was his answer. He said, “Anytime we are down there he would love to visit  Missouri Sports Hall of Fame again.” Because it is to vast of a collection to cover in one day. As for the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in our opinion it is a must do while visiting Springfield, MO. It is family friendly event that is very affordable and a must do in our opinions!!

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