Monthly Budget

Monthly Budget

Monthly Budget

Budgets are a necessity when it comes to saving money and managing your finances. There will always be bills to pay, but once you have a budget in place it is so much easier to come up with “extra” money when you have to have it. Over the last 3 years we have taken our hardships and turned them into a more frugal lifestyle and one thing is for certain. It isn’t always easy but the hard work and dedication to clean up your finances is worth it in the long run.

Expenses Tracker

Because I lost my job due to budget cuts over three years ago we have adapted our spending habits, our budget and have learned to track things better. At first I thought that there was no way we could live without my $2,000 paycheck, but we have adapted, and been successful. God has provided for us in more ways than I can count which is how I came to blogging. He does work in mysterious ways because I would have thought I would have always been an elementary teacher. But because of life events, God’s planning and our adapting we have came to accept things we can’t change and became more frugal in the process.

Weekly Meal Planner
I just write on the blank paper and keep it organized for the week.

One of the first things we did was change our budget and started tracking it so we knew where our money was going. We have shaved extra things off of our budget, tracked our expenses and became more financially responsible. We have also implemented menu planning by the week which also is a huge money saver. Especially if  you coupon you can feed your families for much cheaper than you can if you dine out. Even on super busy days you can use the crock pot to make some amazing meals that are hot and ready when you get home.

I wanted to share the forms I use with you all so I went ahead and had my budget sheets made up into pdf’s/pictures for you all to print and use yourselves. I do have to admit, now that they are “pretty” it is more fun to stick to and implement the budget, expenses and of course the weekly meal planning. Make sure you share them with others too!!


Monthly-Budget-Sheets  (PDF)

Monthly Budget Sheets *Excel Sheets

Monthly Budget Planning Sheets



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Maryann D.

These forms look convenient and handy to use. The new year is a good time to start budgeting.

angela Armstrong

This is wonderful


I am interested in using your monthly expenses tracker-how do I obtain the PDF file? Thanks!!