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This post is in partnership with Thirty-One Gifts, however, as always opinions are 100% my own.

Must Have Spring Thirty-One Items

As many of you know we are Empty Nesters and we have been spending time on finding ourselves after so many years of being a parent. While we are still parents we recently moved our daughter and her family out of state and my mom heart both broke and swelled up with pride. But that is another story for another day, today we are going to be talking about some of my favorite items I received while I was gone. 

Studio Thirty-One Flap in Tapestry Floral

Each time the UPS man brings a Thirty-One box I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. So after a long drive home from moving Liz, getting home at almost midnight to a Thirty-One box I was elated. But once I opened it, I knew that I would be styling and profiling and rocking the Pink Blush items as we ushered in February as well as March. But if the truth be told, it will probably be my go to purse into April and May because we all know I love the Spring. 

So what other goodies were in my box you ask? 

Well, let me tell you. There was six pieces in all and my favorite part is that I can mix and match several of them to customize your bag to give it a new look. Yes please, that is one of my favorite parts about Thirty-One products. 

The Studio Thirty-One Classic Build Your Own bag comes in a variety of color schemes, patterns and styles, but you can switch up the shoulder strap, the flap or even the bag itself is available in 5 different colors. Hook me up!! Changing the flap to match your outfit is a simple as picking a new flap and zipping it into place. Talk about fun and function it is about the same size as the Midway Hobo Bag so it will get lots of use here at the Gray household.

perfect personalized bags from Thirty-OneI also received two out of the 21 Studio Thirty-One Flaps in the colors of Rose Blush Pebble and the Twill Stripe. Now, I can start collecting a few of the gorgeous flaps that will match my bag flawlessly. I believe that my first purchase will be the Tapestry Floral that you can see below.

Studio Thirty-One Flap in Tapestry Floral

Next up was the Convertible Belt Bag also in  Rose Blush Pebble which can also be wore as a “fanny pack”. I can’t wait until my next press trip where I need a small bag for the amusement parks or the red carpet because this is perfect bag for both of those locations. It has 4 card pockets and ample room for the essentials like lip gloss, cell phone, cell phone charger and whatever else I need to include. Thirty-One Gifts has upped their game and gave an all new meaning to the belt bag that can even work as a crossbody. *I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect crossbody bag for awhile now, and this one is just perfect. For storage of the Convertible Belt Bag, I chose to keep the straps curled up on the inside of the bag, and then kept the plastic bag that it was shipped it. I added a fabric softener sheet to keep it smelling fresh and will use it at least four times a year. 

The perfect fanny pack for everyone!

Rubie Mini Bag

Last, but certainly not least is the Rubie Mini bag also in Pink Blush Pebble helps me organize my purse contents and allows me to stay organized even on the go. I went from 2 different bags to just one to keep all my “stuff” organized and I still have lots of room for everything. Plus my All About The Benjamin’s fits like a glove so no more digging around trying to find everything I need. Now I just need to order a Midnight Blue Wristlet Strap and my life will be complete. Well, until next month, because you know once you are a Thirty-One customer you know just how “disorganized” you really were before.

Start Planning Upcoming Holidays with Thirty-One

But don’t forget about upcoming holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day and even Father’s Day. Create your own bin as the perfect gift for every holiday coming up. There is nothing better than a personalized gift all year long I promise!