My Recent Vacation to Brooklyn (Yes, I’m Serious)

It was on a lazy Saturday afternoon when I decided to browse the Internet looking for a place to go for my annual vacation. Many places crossed my mind. I am from Washington, D.C and I had thought of going to the Caribbean. As I continued scouting the Internet, Brooklyn popped up. I was a bit skeptical but I decided to have a look; and within seconds, I had made up my mind. I was going to Brooklyn.

To many, Brooklyn is not the first choice in terms of vacations. However, in recent decades, the district has grown to be one of the most visited boroughs in New York City. It is now a favorite vacation hotspot for both local and international hotspot.

During my vacation, my sister and I stayed at the Condor in Williamsburg; a magnificent hotel with enviable views of the town. We also visited amazing places that I am going to share with you today.

Let’s delve into specifics

My Recent Vacation to Brooklyn  (Yes, I’m Serious)

  • Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic landmark that attracts a lot of sightseers. In a day, approximately one hundred thousand cars pass there. Also, thousands of pedestrians stroll on the upper walkway every day. The breathtaking views of the lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights got rid of my acrophobia for a few minutes.

  • A visit to the Prospect Park

Away from the hassle and bustle of busy Brooklyn, is Prospect Park; a serene place where you can catch some peace and quiet. Since I had travelAed with my sister, this was a perfect place to have our picnic as we enjoyed people-watching and soaking in the sun.

We also had the chance to enjoy a guided hike into the Ravine forest and forage.

  • Tour the Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum made history as the first museum in America to display artifacts that were from African origin. It also has a section set aside for feminist art.

The museum holds objects from a variety of cultural backgrounds. My sister is a lover of art and she could not hide her excitement as she went around the museum scrutinizing every single piece of art; especially the items displayed in the Egyptian holdings

  • Grab a bite at Brooklyn flea

Imagine a place where you get homemade food away from home. Brooklyn Flea is home to tens of local artisans who made delicious food as well as snacks. From doughnuts to pulled pork sandwiches and grilled cheese, the list of foods to choose from is endless.

Aside from the food, there are antiques, furniture, and handcrafted jewelry shops among others.

I love vintage items and Brooklyn Flea has a collection of them. Additionally, I was able to buy some soothing music records for my vintage collection.

We also found a similar spot that will be of interest to foodies; the Smorgasburg. 

Smorgasburg is a restaurant haven. Whether you want to enjoy a cool drink by the waterfront or have a romantic dinner on the rooftop, Smorgasburg is your best bet.

Tourists and locals gather in these spots to eat, drink and shop.