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myCharge Great for Spring and Summer

myCharge Great for Spring and Summer

Can you believe that Summer is right around the corner? I can! I love being inside, but not for months at a time. Spring and Summer is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the weather. One thing I am really excited about this spring is myCharge and if you have been following me for very long you know I’ve talked about myCharge before. myCharge is a portable charger, which allows for faster charging. When you’re on the go this Summer, you’ll want myCharge by your side.

myCharge Great for Spring and Summer

Great for on the go

I don’t know about you, but I am always on the go in the spring. I go from here to there and back to here again. I need something like myCharge to keep up with my busy lifestyle. I don’t think that being on the go has ever been easier. I’m thankful for help keeping up with my busy lifestyle.

Easy to use

Who wants to use something that’s not easy to use? myCharge is a convenient and versatile way to charge your electronics. It’s also powerful. This isn’t something you carry around that you hope to work, it DOES work. The HubPlus-C also features a built-in Micro USB charging cable and a USB-C charging cable, allowing you to charge multiple devices and to keep up with the new USB-C charging standard.

myCharge Great for Spring and Summer

Not just for smartphones

Just charging your smartphone is a thing of the past. No matter what you need charged, myCharge can help. Tablets, computers, and multiple devices can be charged. This has been such a life saver for me. My batteries always want to go dead when it is most inconvenient. I am the envy of all my friends having a fully charged device all the time and as a blogger who goes on press trips, it has been a lifesaver more than once.

Go ahead and check out myCharge and order one for yourself and another for a friend. I promise you are going to love it and everything it offers and it will keep you charged up and going all year around.



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