National Friendship Day

You cannot go through life without a friend. Isn’t it great that we have National Friendship Day (the first Sunday in August) to celebrate? Everyone needs a friend and here are a few reasons you should celebrate your friends on National Friendship Day.

Being Lonely Isn’t Fun

I don’t know about you, but being lonely is not my favorite thing to do. I love to have friends around to talk to and to laugh with and celebrating our friends should be a monthly activity.

Friends Make a Difference

I don’t know about you, but my friends have made all the difference in my life. I’ve been pulled through some of the roughest times in my life by my friends Becky and Amanda. One of the best things about both of them is that I can tell them anything and they would still be my friend, which is how you know when you have found your person.

If you put the time and energy into your friendship that it deserves, then you know that it will last. If you have been friends for more than 7 years, then experts say your friendship has the possibility of lasting forever. History’s Most unlikely Friendship is a story that I can’t wait to see, Victoria & Abdul.

What friend are you celebrating today on National Friendship Day? Be sure to check out the hashtag: #NationalFriendshipDay


Victoria and Abdul

Victoria & Abdul

If you have followed me for very long you know that I love movies and I watch lots of them. But some of my favorites have came from Focus Features through the past few years. This year is no different and they have some great movies in the works. This fall they will release Victoria & Abdul in select cities on September 22, 2017, then expanding to more theaters on September 29, 2017. The servant becomes a teacher and roles are reversed by an 81 year old Queen who has an unexpected friend. 

History’s most unlikely friendship. Watch the exclusive trailer for #VictoriaAndAbdul, starring Academy Award winner Judi Denc

Story: The extraordinary true story of an unexpected friendship in the later years of Queen Victoria’s (Academy Award winner Judi Dench) remarkable rule. When Abdul Karim (Ali Fazal), a young clerk, travels from India to participate in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, he is surprised to find favor with the Queen herself. As the Queen questions the constrictions of her long-held position, the two forge an unlikely and devoted alliance with a loyalty to one another that her household and inner circle all attempt to destroy. As the friendship deepens, the Queen begins to see a changing world through new eyes and joyfully reclaims her humanity.
Director: Stephen Frears (“The Queen,” “Philomena,” “Mrs. Henderson Presents”)

Writer: Lee Hall (“Billy Elliot”), based on Victoria & Abdul: The True Story of the Queen’s Closest Confidant by Shrabani Basu

Cast: Judi Dench, Ali Fazal, Adeel Akhtar, Simon Callow, Michael Gambon, Eddie Izzard, Ruth McCabe, Tim Pigott-Smith, Julian Wadham, Olivia Williams, Fenella Woolgar


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