Nature is Closer Than You Think with “Every Kid in a Park” Pass

Many people tend to describe children of today as more introverted and have a preference to stay indoors. The technological shift in time has caused children to spend more time indoors than outside with nature. Because of this shift, there has been a national panic between parents and adults naming this as Nature Deficiency Disorder. But did you know that there is a way for adults to teach children the greatness of being outdoors? Nature is much closer than you think with the ‘Every Kid in a Park” pass.

The National Park Foundation has found a way to teach kids the importance of nature by endorsing the Every Kid in a Park pass to the nation. It is a federal public lands youth initiative that helps kids and their families learn about the wonders of nature and the country’s natural treasures. 

Kid standing in nature

About the Every Kid in a Park pass

This pass is made possible by the National Park Foundation to help parents and kids experience nature like the many ancient forests, acres of national parks and historic structures abound. To avail of the Every Kid in a Park pass just visit the website at, the official website where parents, educators, and kids can learn more. This provides everyone the opportunity to go on an adventure without going too far.

The Every Kid in a Park pass also helps children especially 4th graders of underserved and urban communities get the experience of nature without barriers. It is a part of the National Park Foundation’s Open OutDoors for Kids program which is a program that allows a child to experience nature in-person or in-classroom through donations made by environmentally conscious adults in America. It is an initiative to help kids get connected to national parks in fun and engaging activities building on a child’s innate wonder and curiosity about nature and the world around them. This initiative provides kids the experiential outdoor experience that this generation so desperately needs. 

Open OutDoors for Kids and Every Kid in a Park gives kids the access to their national parks by providing transportation and free passes all the while educating the children about the importance of nature in today’s time. Giving kids, parents and teachers access to national parks are a great gateway to learning about history, culture and nature all rolled into one large outdoor classroom.

Why kids need to get out more

Children that are exposed to outdoors tend to be more confident. Studies show that kids who play outside are more happy and less anxious which leads to confidence in their own actions. Kids easily get influenced by what they experience which is having them be part of nature at an early age promotes creativity and imagination better. They can think more freely and are allowed to design their own activity.

Kids who play outdoors are more likely to be more in tune with their senses. This also helps get in a lot of exercise into their lives. Because nature allows us to do whatever is deemed possible, the many ways of playing outside is achieved. From biking around known bike trails in forests, camping outdoors in national parks and hiking around new terrain, both parents and children will get enough exercise while enjoying the time outside. Just make sure that your children are in the right outdoor gear to keep themselves safe and out of harm’s way. Teach kids the importance of being safe at all times when exploring the outdoors

The importance of having kids learn about nature conservation

Being around nature encourages kids to be more observant. Exploration helps them broaden their horizons to other possibilities. And because children that are exposed to the outdoors are more open to the happenings of nature, this teaches them the importance of conservation. Teaching conservation to the next generation is important even at an early age. Their attitude towards nature will flourish and will lead to them growing up to be proactive adults in ensuring the welfare of their environment. 

So what are you waiting for? Teach the kids of today the importance of nature by getting an Every Kid in a Park pass today!