Netflix Shows That Cater To Your Love Of The Supernatural

If you’re the kind of person who likes to entertain the idea that there might be something “out there” beyond the reach of our senses, then you’re in luck. Netflix, the world’s largest entertainment streaming platform, has a plethora of shows that weave the extraordinary into the plot.

The company has something of a penchant for the supernatural with lots of Netflix Originals, as well as imported content from other networks. Suffice to say; if you like things that defy the laws of nature, then you’re in luck.

Let’s take a look at some of the supernatural shows that should be on your Netflix watch list.

The Rite

The Rite, starring Anthony Hopkins is all about his battle with the devil. Yes, literally. Hopkin’s portrayal of the lead character is chilling. He says that the problem with skeptics – people who don’t believe that anything exists beyond that which can be detected via the senses – is that they discount the notion that there could be supernatural elements of our existence. He asks what on Earth skeptics would do if it turned out that the supernatural was real. How would they deal with the horrors of hell?

The Rite is an intelligent film. It showcases the battle between skepticism and what it portrays as the reality of supernatural possession. The Vatican, as always, is at the center of things, but even it finds it difficult to accept that demonic possession could be a real thing. The main draw of The Rite is its presentation of the skepticism people naturally have about anything that appears to operate beyond the regular plane of existence and uses examples, such as violent behavior, to suggest that things other than their own brains drive people’s actions.

Netflix Shows That Cater To Your Love Of The Supernatural

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a show based on the writings of Robert Kirkman. Kirkman charts the survival story of a group of people stuck in the zombie apocalypse. The show has been so successful that it’s spawned a range of computer games where you control a group of characters, including a young girl, trying to survive against hordes of zombies.

The most exciting thing about the Netflix series is how the lead character, Deputy Rick Grimes, oscillates between being good and being evil. You’re never quite sure what he’s going to do next. In 2019, we’re up to season 8 of the program, so it must be doing something right.


Stranger Things

Stranger Things is another 1980s inspired Netflix hit that follows the story of a group of children growing up in the 80s who discover that their town has a bunch of secrets. The series goes well beyond the predictions of a horoscope when one of the lead characters goes missing, sparking a manhunt.

The series features stand out performances by Winona Ryder and David Harbour and the third season is set to come out this year. Stranger Things should undoubtedly be on your watch list if you like the supernatural.



You can’t have a list of Netflix shows that cater to the supernatural without including supernatural. Supernatural is a long-running stalwart of television, having been on the air since 2005. It’s outlived Smallville, America’s Next Top Model and Gilmore Girls to become the longest running fantasy television show in the nation’s history.

The original version of supernatural was to tell the story of ghost hunters over the course of three seasons. But it soon became clear that the show was so popular that it has now run for more than thirteen.

The Winchester Brothers, Sam and Dean get down and dirty in the world of the paranormal, hunting ghosts, demons and other nasties from beyond the regular, physical world. Supernatural is a grower, and it takes a few episodes to get into it. But once you’re hooked, there’s no turning back.

Netflix Shows That Cater To Your Love Of The Supernatural

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Despite first having aired in 1987, Star Trek: The Next Generation is still on our screens, thanks to Netflix. While Star Trek likes to present itself as a science fiction series, you’ll soon find that it’s anything but. Counselor Deanna Troi can read people’s minds, renegade god Q that can do practically anything he wants, and numerous entities that have the power to glide through walls, breach the Enterprise’s security and generally wreak havoc. Not to mention the artificial gravity: the impossible system that conveniently keeps everybody’s feet on the floor.

If you want some supernatural indulgence mixed with some of Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s moral lessons, then this is the series for you.


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