New Year’s Eve Style: Finding the Perfect Jewelry for NYE

New Year’s Eve Style: Finding the Perfect Jewelry for NYE

 New Year's Eve Style: Finding the Perfect Jewelry for NYE

New Year’s Eve Style: Finding the Perfect Jewelry for NYE After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, those New Year’s Eve parties can sneak right up and catch you unprepared. Who wants to spend time looking for a new party dress when you’ve just gotten free of Christmas shopping?

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to punch up any dress or party outfit without spending five hours in a fitting room: with the perfect jewelry, you’ll be the belle of the ball no matter what dress you fished out of the closet for the occasion. Want to start off the new year perfectly in style? Here’s how to choose exactly the jewelry you need for the occasion.


What’s In Style?

Fall 2015 in New York, Paris, and Milan, brought some interesting changes to this season’s jewel and accessory story. With plenty of shakeups to the classics and a rebound of the 70’s and 80’s, you have a lot of options to build the perfect look and still be right on trend.

  • Bright Colors and Blocky Shapes. If you’re a fan of bright, eye catching statement jewelry, this is your season. Brighten up a basic outfit with a geometric necklace or earrings, or a bold, bright cuff at the wrist or upper arm.
  • Fabric Chokers. After a few seasons of layered chains and lacy pendants, the choker came back this year in a big way. Wide fabric chokers are a great way to straddle the line between romantic and edgy, and they can be as simple as a satin ribbon tied at the throat. Bring a little elegant Halloween gothic to your New Year’s party with this bold look.
  • Ornate, Baroque-inspired metallic filigree has been off the table for a while now, easy to write off as outdated and grandmotherly, or too much like costume jewelry. Contemporary designers brought it back this winter, in deep golds and coppers for a polished, romantic feel. A gold filigree necklace or drop earrings are the perfect compliment for your favorite red party dress.


What’s Never out of Style?

Prefer to keep it classic rather than push the envelope? The basic foundations of jewelry never go out of style: pull these classics out of your jewelry box for a sleek, polished, and timeless party look.

  • Gold and Silver. The staple of any jewelry box, you really can’t go wrong with a silver bangle or a simple gold chain. Don’t underestimate how much a simple metallic accessory can do to elevate any outfit, no matter how classy or how casual. If you’re looking for an update to the classic, try a new and interesting shape, like Charriol Jewelry’s signature corded line. Check out an online retailer like TrueFacet for Charriol Jewelry for some new and different options you might not have considered!
  • These simple gems are perfect for a classy, romantic look, and easy to dress up or down depending on how casual your destination is. Pearls are the perfect touch of sparkle, whether you choose the classic string of pearls, earrings, or a wristband.
  • Floral jewels have a vintage look that never goes out of style. They soften any outfit with a warm, dreamy feel, a perfect combination with the pastels and lace that characterized many a fall collection this season.


Choosing the Right Look: Statement or Accessorize?

Now that you’ve got a lock on the best jewelry looks to light up a party, you’ve got one more choice to make: how to match your gems to your threads? The first step is deciding what look is right for you: do you make a statement with your jewelry, or accessorize your outfit?

A statement piece is the focus of your outfit: a big jewel or pop of color that pulls the eye and sticks in the memory. Chandelier earrings, collars, layered necklaces, and even cuffs and bangles can all be the statement piece of an eye-catching look, as long as you stick to a few ground rules. Wearing statement jewelry demands you go bold, so keep the rest of your outfit simple and understated. Block colors are best: combining a statement piece with a pattern can turn cluttered or messy in a hurry. The same goes for hair, especially if the center of your look is dangling earrings. Keep it simple with loose waves or a sleek French twist.

Accessories, on the other hand, are meant to highlight your outfit, so they’re simpler and more understated than a statement piece: the perfect place to bring out the classics. Match a necklace to a neckline: a pendant on a slim chain looks great over a turtleneck, but less so over a scoop or boat collar. A choker or collar is the perfect accent to a v-neck. Gemstones also make great accessory pieces: match or contrast your color scheme for a little extra pop and sparkle.

There’s no need to buy an all-new wardrobe for a New Years Party if you’re prepared to put together a great jewelry accent. Whether you go for statement or simple, on trend or classic, your jewels will shine like the fireworks at the midnight countdown.





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