Create Your Own Coffee Bar with The Ninja Coffee Bar

Ninja Coffee Bar

*I received a Ninja Coffee Bar for review, but as always opinions are 100% my own.

I am a mom, and as a mom, I can’t live without my coffee. Seriously, I am one of those people that has to say, “Don’t talk to me, I haven’t had my coffee.” I love coffee, but I love it even more with my Ninja Coffee Bar. This system is literally the only coffee maker you will ever need! Brady and I get up at different times in the mornings so we are in love with the travel feature and the “half of a pot” feature. Who knew after all of these years that fresh coffee tastes much better than luke warm coffee? *Just kidding, but really we do love that we both get fresh for us coffee now.

Ninja Coffee Bar


You can Make One Cup or More

When these new one cup coffee makers came out, we were all ecstatic because we didn’t have to make a whole coffee pot each morning that would go to waste. However, when I have company, it can be daunting to try and make one cup at a time for every one of your guests. With the Ninja Coffee Bar, there are different settings in which it automates the amount of water for you and makes exactly what you need. Here are a few setting options:

  • One coffee cup
  • One travel mug (little bit more than a cup)
  • A half carafe (pot)
  • A full carafe (pot)

Mocha Latte Recipe

You can Make different Style Drinks

Although real avid coffee drinkers may beg to differ, I found the Ninja Coffee Bar makes excellent cappuccino and Lattes. They may not be perfect, but they definitely give you an option to choose various styles of coffee. I for one, love this feature and use it often and the cookbook that comes with the Ninja has 100 coffee-house style recipes. And let me stop right here and say when I had coffee-house style I missed the Ninja Bar immensely because it gives coffee a whole new flavor. But my favorite is the Mocha Latte Recipe pictured above because it is an afternoon treat. According to the cookbook included with the Ninja Coffee Bar the recipe is as follows:

[yumprint-recipe id=’101′]Iced-Coffee-Nana

I can Even Have Iced Coffee

Along with various hot options, you can even have cold options. The Ninja Coffee Bar has a setting adjustment just for iced coffee. You adjust the dial to the “Over Ice Setting,” add ice to your cup and brew it. The setting makes the coffee just a touch stronger so that the melting ice won’t dilute the flavor. Now, I can make my own delicious iced coffee and reminisce about having iced coffee with my Nana as an afternoon treat. While my Nana isn’t here to enjoy it with me, I know she is looking down on me and reminiscing just like I do when I have an iced coffee. We like to say Nana made Iced Coffee Cool before it was the in thing to order.

create your own coffee bar with Ninja

Best Coffee Maker on the Market

I’ve had my fair share of coffee makers over the years and The Ninja Coffee Bar has won my vote as the best coffee maker on the market. With multiple settings and various coffee options, I won’t ever need another coffee maker. We are a month into our relationship and it is still going strong and we will keep on perking through life for years to come. If you need convincing as to why the Ninja Coffee Bar is the best, you should read the review on SolidGoldEats.

Ninja Coffee Bar Logo

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Patricia Cameron

would love this


That’s pretty cool. Everyone in my house needs their coffee, too!


I need this! My house is full of major coffee drinkers and this sounds heavenly.

Dana Matthews

This would be a welcomed treat in my home! May have to make future plans to do this!


This looks great and is a nice way to make a welcoming and fun atmosphere. I’d love to do this!