Off The Grid in San Francisco

Off the Grid Picnic on the Presidio

One of the best travel tips I can give you is to talk to the locals. It has served me well over the years as I’ve traveled and during the last trip to San Francisco it paid off once again. After checking into our hotel we decided we were going to go out exploring, we used the wonder LYFT service to get a car and our driver Alex showed up in no time at all. Once we were inside the car we started chatting about all of the things to see and do in San Francisco. He LOVES his town and it shows because he was so animated and happy when telling us all about his town.

Off The Grid in San Francisco

One of the things we asked him on our drive was what did he suggest for food while we were in town. We told him we wanted something delicious, affordable and of course unique to the area. He at first told us about several restaurants that we enjoyed that week as well. But then he told us about Picnic in the Presidio which happens on Sundays until November 1st. So without hesitation we told him that’s where we wanted to go.

Off The Grid in San Francisco

We arrived in record time and let me tell you the amount of food trucks was amazing. If you can dream it it was probably there and among the food trucks were lines, picnic areas, people playing games and so much more. It didn’t take us long to figure out that no matter what we truck we ate at it was going to be delicious. After walking around to check them all out we opted to stand in line for Slightly Skewed and enjoyed this feast. 

Off The Grid in San Francisco Slightly Skewed

Slightly Skewed had a great looking menu and I decided on Teriyaki Skewers, Grilled Green Beans and a pop. My lunch was only $8 so I was happy with my selection. They were delicious and I was glad we had went with them for lunch then we walked around checking out the views then we stumbled upon a creme brulee tent. It was a little more expensive than I would have liked but because I was on vacation I decided to go ahead and indulge. It was good but not the best I ever had but it was nice to round out the view while eating dessert. 

Caramel Creme Brulee

We enjoyed all of the Off The Grid Experience at The Presidio in San Fransicso. Our only regret was that we couldn’t stay all day, because there was so much to see and do. Later that week though we did get to enjoy The Walt Disney Family Museum so it was a perfect week in San Francisco! So if you are in the area be sure to indulge in the Off the Grid experience. I promise you will be glad you did! 

Off The Grid San Francisco