Old Fort Madison

Old Fort Madison


Old Fort Madison a great place to stop for a visit!! Traveling has always been fun, but I do have to get out and stretch my legs a bit when we do it. Traveling home from our Chicago trip we did just that in a couple place along the way. We stopped in Fort Madison, Iowa because it was a town along our path and it looked like a fun place to stop. It turned out it was a fun place to stop but the highlight of our trip back home was Old Fort Madison A Reconstructed Frontier Outpost.

Old Fort Madison is a replica of the original fort that was started in 1983 with the help from labor of Iowas State Penitentiary and constructed of oak timber like that of the original fort. While we were talking with Linda who was dressed in era clothing we learned a lot about the fort, the town and the soldiers that happened at the fort. Linda was so helpful, super nice and all around a great asset to the Fort and town of Fort Madison. They are very lucky to have her!!

The fort was recreated a few blocks from the original site which is located in Riverview Park and is absolutely gorgeous. On the day we were there a couple was getting married in the park as well. Which was a gorgeous sight to see, but I didn’t snap any pictures, now I almost wish I would have.

 Once inside the fort there were several younger men (high school/college aged) also dressed in era clothing that were also a wealth of information. There was so many neat things to see and do we spent probably 2 hours exploring like a kid in a candy store.

They have a total of 14 spots to visit including a factory, garden, the tail (not reconstructed), Tail Blockhouse (not reconstructed), Kitchens(not reconstructed), Central Blockhouse, Officers quarters, Enlisted Mens’ Barricks, Blockhouse #1 and #2, Guardhouse (not reconstructed), Stone Powder Magazine, Blacksmith Forge and the Officer’s Outhouse. They have an amazing Fort Madison Map Key that they give you so you can give yourself a self guided tour. But we learned so much more from the volunteer’s that visiting with them was half the experience.

Their summer schedule from May-September is 9:00 am-5:00 pm, and April & October weekends only 9:00 am-5 pm. Make the Old Fort a must do on your travel plans this summer or years to come!!