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Old Savannah Tours

Old Savannah Tours

Old Savannah Tours While in Savannah, Georgia a few weeks ago our family decided that we would go on a trolley tour of the town. There were a few to choose from but we opted to go with Old Savannah Tours! They have been Voted Best Tours since 2003, so it has to be good right?? RIGHT! We loaded up on the white trolley and waited for a few more passengers to load up the trolley. But in the mean time Sonny “Who is better than perfect,” started telling us about his city and how our tour would go.

Old Savannah Tours

He gave us the above pamphlets which included a map and told us a little about how our tour was going to work. For example, the entire route or tour is 90 minutes in length. But at pre-determined spots we as passengers could un-board and re-board at our leisure so we could see the sites in that area. Then, every 15 minutes a trolley comes back around and you are able to resume the tour. There are 16 major places to see in the great city of Savannah so there is lots to do on each stop.

Old Savannah Tours

We decided that we would ride the entire trolley tour from start until finish so we could be enlightened on the history of this beautiful city. One of the first bits of history I remember is how the saying, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite” came into it’s meaning. The moss like plant hanging down from lots of the trees is actually an airborne algea. With that being said, chiggers live in it and it was once used for stuffing mattresses as well as car seats made by Henry Ford. What they settlers didn’t know is that it contained chiggers and they of course would wake up the next morning with bites from these insects.

I don’t want to ruin all of the surprises that  the Old Savannah Tours has to offer but I will tell you this. This is the must ride trolley of Savannah!

This company is the only tour company that “Brings Savannah’s History to Life” with authentic costumed characters from famous people in Savannah’s history! Including Forrest Gump, who was the first surprise rider to enter the trolley and tell his story, but man that guy can run away quickly!
Old Savannah Tours
The tours are personalized by the trolley driver and each driver has their own unique way of telling their town’s history. But the entire ride is filled with surprises, history and of course the beauty of the great city of Savannah! I can honestly say that this is one city that the pictures don’t do the scenery justice!
Be sure to check out Old Savannah Trolley Tours on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!
*I received complimentary passes for the tour, but all photographs, thoughts and opinions are my own. Yours may differ.

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Thank you for sharing your lovely experiences. It looks absolutely gorgeous there. I can’t wait to go visit sometime.


Heidi! I just stumbled across this blog post. Thank you SO much for writing a piece on us and sharing it with the world. I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed your day with us 🙂

Safe Travels,
Alexa Hankinson
Outside Group Sales