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On the Road Again: Top 8 Trucker Movies of All Time

On the Road Again: Top 8 Trucker Movies of All Time

As a trucker, not every single second of your life will be spent driving. There will be moments where you’re sitting in your truck with nothing to do.  You can pass the time with a short nap or you can curl up in your truck with a movie. 

With advances in technology, it’s easy to look up movies on your tablet or smartphone. You may want to pull up a flick that relates to you. A movie based on truckers like yourself. 

To help you find a few hours of entertainment, here are a few fun trucker movies that you can watch on the road. 

On the Road Again: Top 8 Trucker Movies of All Time

1. Maximum Overdrive

The first movie on our list is a little out of the ordinary. It’s a sci-fi flick that was both written and directed by Steven King. The strangeness happens when a comet passes by the Earth and brings machines to life. 

Like in most movies and games, when the machines come to life they start to rebel against human life. From there we cut to a truck stop where a group of people is being cornered by trucks. They are circling the truckstop and stopping any humans from leaving. 

Bill Robinson, an ex-con springs into action to save anyone he can at the truck stop. His task will take a turn when a platform with machine guns begins to order humans to provide gas for horror trucks. These guys better get a truck accident lawyer. 

2. Big Rig 

Doug Pray and Brad Blondheim traversed the US to get a better understanding of the truck drivers who make it their jobs to do the same. They meet up with one particular driver at a truck stop and set off on what would become a 21,000-mile journey. 

Go through the heartwarming adventure with them as they gather a better understanding of the daily lives of truckers just like you. 

3. The Road Warrior 

The Road Warrior is a sequel to Mad Max. It follows Max Rockatansy’s battle against a group of motorcyclists who want to take all the gasoline out of an old refinery. 

This wouldn’t be so much of a problem but the refinery houses a group of people who are just trying to survive. Max agrees to take the gasoline and travel across the country with it to keep it out of the hands of the motorcyclists. 

This makes him a target as the motorcyclists are now focused on capturing him, taking back the gasoline, and using it for themselves. 

4. Smokey and the Bandit 

Smokey and the Bandit is a silly movie but entertaining, to say the least. A Texan politician finds himself in the need for a bunch of Coors beer for a rally in Georgia. Bringing the beer over the Mississippi would be just a little bit illegal so he enlists some help. 

Bo Darville, a moonshiner, contacts a friend with an 18 wheeler to transport the beer for the politician. The ride from Georgia to Texas to pick up the 400 crates of beer was no problem but on the way back, they run into a few complications that begin with a runaway bride. Forget Deliverance, this is surely Burt Reynolds’s greatest film.

5. Over the Top

After years of not seeing his son, a small-time truck driver played by Sylvester Stallone gets the chance to visit when his ex-wife gets so sick that she can’t pick up their son from military school. 

His relationship with his son is shaky at best so he decides to start building his life back up to make it better. He enters an arm-wrestling contest that will bag him a huge cash prize and a semi-truck. This is everything he needs to start up his very own trucking company. 

6. Steel Cowboy 

Trucker James Brolin is down on his luck. He may lose his rig and his wife right along with it if he doesn’t turn things around. So, he does what any sensible man would do. 

He decides to transport stolen cattle in his truck in order to make some fast cash. If only things were that easy. 

7. Breaker! Breaker! 

J.D.’s brother decides to become a trucker. This would be no problem except cops are trapping truckers for a corrupt judge. J.D. tried to warn his brother about this before he got into the biz but it’s not enough to draw him away. 

Now J.D. must bring down the cops, the judge, and look for his little brother in this heartwarming story about familial love. This is the perfect movie to watch if you like to see evil people get their just desserts. J.D. is also played by Chuck Norris so what more could you ask for? 

8. White Line Fever 

After J.C. Hummer is decommissioned from the Air Force he decides to become an independent trucker in order to support his family. He gets a loan out to buy his own truck but that’s when things take a turn for the worse. 

He enlists the help of one of his dad’s old friends in order to find work. The problem is that this work isn’t exactly legal. When he is threatened to do the job or never to get work again, what choice does he have? 

Fun Trucker Movies For You to Watch on the Road 

As a trucker, you won’t always be on the road. There will be a time when you’ll get a chance to relax for a bit. So, sit back and bring up one of these great trucker movies on your smart device for a few hours of entertainment. 

Trucker movies, not your thing? Check our blog daily for more great movie choices that may be more up your ally. 

On the Road Again: Top 8 Trucker Movies of All Time

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