Ore Bites Inspired By DinoTrux

Ore Bites Inspired By DinoTrux

Ore Bites

Ore Bites Inspired By DinoTrux. After my visit to Dreamworks Animation and a chance to voice Revvit I got to thinking about what I could do to help make the perfect DinoTrux Party. Some of the ideas are still in the works, but I knew that Ore Bites would be the perfect goody bags for kids to take home with them. But my favorite part is that they were fairly easy and of course affordable to make! Ore is what the Reptools as well as DinoTrux eat to keep them crushing, smashing, moving, lifting, pushing, and going strong. Which allows them to get it all done!

Ore Bites Final

As you can see here there are only a few things needed to make your Ore Bites.

    • Whoppers® or other Ore like candy, I considered Rock Candy but Whoppers® won.
    • Print outs of PDF OreBites Printable
    • Clear Bags that you can staple or if you want to go fancier pick up some of the ones  for Gifts & Favors!
    • Stapler
    • Scissors or paper cutter
 Dino Trux Character Ton Ton
Photo Credit to Dreamworks


So, this is how I made my Ore Bites Bags. I took the clear plastic bags and poured in a few Whoppers. Each bag I tried to put about the same number in so that way the kids got an equal amount. Then, sat them off to the side while I cut out the labels from the PDF. If you don’t want to do Whoppers you could do any other candy that looks like “ore” or what Ton Ton is carrying in the back of his truck.

Meet Revvitt

After cutting out the labels, I quickly stapled the to the bags and put them to the side. Be sure you put the “Ore Bites” on the front and the blank side on the back. You could have the birthday boy (or girl) write “Thank for coming to my party on the back.” or Thank You if the child is younger. Either way you go The Ore Bites will be a hit I promise.

DinoTrux Voice Over Session

Be sure to tune in on August 14th to watch the entire season of DinoTrux available on Netflix. We are planning a fun filled Party day with Ore Bites, coloring fun and  of course crushing, smashing, moving, lifting, pushing, and going strong. Which will allow us to get it all done!

Ore Bites Inspired By DinoTrux

Be sure you download the DinoTrux App, whip up some exploding ore cupcakes, and some Ty-Totally Cherry drink to sip on! Then send the kids home with some Ore to munch on after the party!

Be sure to tune into Netflix to start Binge Watching this awesome show now!




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