Ourpact from parentware

Ourpact from parentware

“I’m excited to introduce you today to a wonderfully helpful app, OurPact. All opinions are my own.“

Having kids in this technological world means we are almost always connected in some way or another. But that also means that sometimes kids get way to much screen time than they need. While I see the advantages and disadvantages of having technology at our fingertips we have to have a way to limit their screen time. Which is where Ourpact from parentware comes into play. We as parents are always busy doing something, but with the help of Ourpact we can limit our kids’ onscreen time easily while we focus our time elsewhere. 

Most kids are using technology starting at a young  age and with the use of technology comes responsibly for both the parents and the kids. OurPact parental control is the perfect parental control app for iPhones, iPads, and iPods that allows you the parents to set how much time your children are spending on their mobile devices. OurPact helps parents by giving them parental controls and children the chance to earn more on screen time. Which allows parents and children to learn the art of compromise at a younger age. 

Ourpact from parentware

My Favorite Features:

You can block all mobile apps if you choose to do so.

Families work together to create a balanced schedule to fit their own routines! 

Limit downloading of applications and hours of wasted game time.

Internet access is also limited which is a huge safety net for our kids! The information and dangers are both out there but we have to protect our kids as long as we can. 

Have more than one child?? You can access your children’s profiles all in one location! 

Best parental control app that I’ve tried to date especially when it comes to multiple children! 

So what are you waiting for?? Download Ourpact today to help keep you organized, help your kids and set up great schedules for on-screen time for your kids today. I promise after using it for just a few days you and your kids will be more connected and spending quality time with one another. I wish I would have had this option when our daughter Liz was younger.