Outdoor Adventures Await in Logan

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Outdoor Adventures Await in Logan

As almost empty nesters we are embracing the next chapter in life. Our daughter has finished high school and will start college in the fall, which means one more true family vacation before the next chapter begins so we started looking for our next adventure.

Our research lead us to explore lots of fun destinations but one in particular caught our attention. We could all use a little outdoor fun after this long winter! Nothing is more beautiful than the scenic route to the Tetons and Yellowstone. With so many things to do, fine dining, and spectacular events, outdoor adventures await you in Logan, Utah.

Explore some of Logan’s finest adventures below:

Discover the Heritage in Logan

Blessed by beautiful turquoise water, Bear Lake overlaps the Idaho and Utah border. The Great Basin and the Rocky Mountains meet in a glorious picturesque way. Take a walk on the Oregon Trail, meet the strong agricultural community of the surrounding Cache Valley, and escape into an adventure of heritage at the American West Heritage Center where you can interact with fur trappers, pioneers, and turn-of-the-century farmers.

Outdoor Adventures Await in Logan

Get into the Rugged Outdoors

Did you know Logan is home to more than 300 campsites, 25 parks, and various picnic areas? In Logan, there is no lack of being able to hack it in the rugged outdoors. If you’re ready to experience the fun in camping, hiking, or roughing it, Hyrum State Park has over 400-acres of manmade lake that offers camping, boating, fishing, and waterskiing.

Relax in a Nature-Made Hot Tub

Less than an hour away from downtown Logan, you can soak in a nature-made hot tub. There are 5 natural hot springs that flow throughout the region. This is a great way to relax after a long hike or an invigorating day of exploration.

Enjoy Nature’s Wildlife

During the summer, a visit to Logan Canyon or Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area offer you not only education but the opportunity to see  lots of birds and wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled along the hills and near the streams. The most common wildlife sighting is moose, deer, beavers, and elk.

Make Some Mud on an Off-Road Adventure

When you are confined to the road, you just can’t get a feel of real adventure. However, the mountains surrounding Logan Canyon and Hardware Ranch are a real adrenaline high for any off-road fanatic. The mountains and forests open up to meadows and stunning scenery. Explore them by renting horses or off-road side-by-side all-terrain vehicles at Beaver Creek Lodge up Logan Canyon.


“When it comes to playing outdoors, there are no limits to the adventures you can have.”