Pickin’ Peaches Family Memories

A few weekends ago I told you all I was going to pick peaches at my aunt’s house. Then we (my sister’s and I) worked up peaches the next day and literally wasn’t online for the majority of two days. Then we got ready for vacation, left, and finally arrived home. Since getting back I have been playing catch up on things I needed or wanted to tell you all about. So here is the first of a few Pickin’ Peaches memories I am going to share with you all.

Any time I can freeze fresh fruit I do so not only because it is healthier but it doesn’t have all of the added sugars in it. So when my aunt had peaches for us to pick (free) we jumped at the chance. We loaded up and went to St. Joesph, MO for a day of peach pickin’ fun *We even had time for the kids to go swimming, and the adults did a little bit of shopping. So it was a great success in my book.

The peach tree hasn’t been pruned in awhile so we had to use our creative skills to  get some of the peaches down but the memories we made that day are ones that we will always cherish. I hope you enjoy the pictures of Pickin’ Peaches—Family Memories as much as I do.

Pickin' Peaches--Family Memories

In all that day we picked up and picked 4 boxes of peaches that were the same size as shown in the picture with the yellow tub in it. The yellow tub was over half full but we didn’t want smashed peaches just yet and a laundry basket that was over three-fourths full. So we had a lot of peaches to work up, but first things first we had to have  a little down time.

Since my aunt and uncle have a big pool we got to “reward” the kids with pizza and swimming  to top off our day!! If you have an orchard available in your area going to pick your own fruit is one of the most fun ways to spend the day. There is lots of fruit to pick from trees and its exercise as well as family fun time rolled into one. Spend some time with your little ones (or big ones) and do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Stay tuned for the next Pickin’ Peaches–Family Memories post where I tell you what we did with all of those peaches!!