Pikachu Cork Craft

Pikachu Cork Craft

Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm and it is all of the rage for young and older people as well. Surprisingly even where I live Poke Stops seem to be popping up all over the country. But instead of heading out Pokemon hunting today we are going to make our own Pikachu with just a few supplies, most of which you probably have on hand already. While I did this craft by myself, kids could easily join in on the fun to make this simple craft.

Picachu Cork Crafts

Here are the supplies needed:
Wine cork
Yellow craft paint
Black permanent marker
Red craft paper or felt
Craft glue
Skewer (optional)
Paint brush
Newspaper to protect your working area

Picachu Cork Craft

1. Begin by applying 2-3 coats of yellow paint to the wine cork. Just remember to allow each coat to dry completely before starting on the next coat. Placing it on the skewer prior to painting can make the job easier for you and I highly suggest it.
2. As the paint dries, cut out two small circles from your red felt or red craft paper to make the cheeks for your Pikachu. If you wanted to do red paint circles that would work as well, but I had felt on hand and thought it needed to pop just a little.
3. Once the paint is dry, take the cheeks and adhere them with a small drop of craft glue. Press into place and allow to dry.
4. Finish the wine cork Pikachu by adding simple ears, eyes, nose, and squiggle mouth with your permanent marker. Practice first on a piece of scrap paper so you can get the look you want.

Your wine cork Pikachu craft can now be displayed. Stick him in a potted plant, a fun display or even your favorite Pokemon favorite cup. Be sure to share your finished projects with us. We love to see your completed DIYS!

Pikachu Wine Cork Craft

Are you a Pokemon Go player?? Who is your favorite character?


Pikachu Cork Craft