Pinkalicious & Peterrific Best Pink Present

I received a copy of Pinkalicious & Peterrific Best Pink Present in exchange for this post, however, as always opinions are 100% my own.

Pinkalicious & Peterrific Best Pink Present

PBS Distribution announces it is releasing the new DVD, “PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC: BEST PINK PRESENT,” from the PBS KIDS series PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC®. In the four episodes on this new DVD, Pinkalicious and her brother Peter celebrate different events that are happening in Pinkville. From making Daddy the perfect wrapping paper to creating the best way to celebrate everything with the Celebrator – it’s hard not to get “wrapped up” in the Pinkville festivities!

PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC: BEST PINK PRESENT” ($6.99 SRP) will be available on DVD beginning October 2, 2018 and has a run time of approximately 40 minutes. Episodes of PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC are also available for digital download.

The four stories on this DVD include:


It’s Daddy’s birthday and Pinkalicious wants to get him the most pinkatastic gift ever! Every pinkaperfect gift deserves the most pinkamazing wrapping but Pinkalicious gets a bit carried away. By the time Daddy gets home, Pinkalicious has the perfect paper but not gift…or so she thinks!


Pinkville’s birthday is coming up, and Mommy has made a pinkaperfect invention for the occasion – the Celebrator! It’s so much fun to use that Pinkalicious can’t stop celebrating – every little thing. Is there such a thing as too much celebrating?


Pinkalicious plants the seed of the pinkest, most beautiful flower in the whole world: the Pinkabloom. She soon learns that the only way to make it grow is by singing to it. But can Pinkalicious sing long enough for the flower to bloom?


Pinkalicious and Peter get to test Mommy’s latest invention: the Glitterizer, a machine that can cover anything you’d like in glitter! Pinkalicious is eager to share the sparkly creations with everyone by glitterizing things for their friends around Pinkville. But not everyone seems to love glitter as much as Pinkalicious….

In PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC® children join Pinkalicious and her brother Peter on adventures in the arts, creativity, and self-expression. Pinkalicious imagines creative possibilities everywhere she looks. She is an artist at heart and, like most creative people, she sees the world differently from others. She knows what she likes, and she’s not afraid to express herself – though she sometimes needs help from her brother, Peter, and her neighborhood friends.

PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC® is produced by WGBH Kids and Sixteen South Studios. Funding for PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC® is provided by public television viewers. Produced with the participation of Northern Ireland Screen. Corporate funding is provided by Kiddie Academy® and Homer. © 2018 WGBH Educational Foundation. All rights reserved. Pinkalicious, Peter & the other Victoria Kann Pinkalicious characters and underlying materials (including artwork) are trademarks and copyrights of Victoria Kann; the texts of the Pinkalicious and Purplicious books were written by, and are copyrights of, Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann. Used with permission.”

Pinkalicious & Peterrific Best Pink Present



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