Planning the Perfect Party for kids

Planning the Perfect Party for kids

Whether you are planning a birthday party, or just want your kids to have a fun time with their friends, you want it to be perfect for you and your child. These tips for planning the perfect kids party sure make the experience a fun one:

  1. Talk to Your Child First: Before planning a special party, talk to your child about what type of party they would want. Determine what they like, the theme you should do, and how many kids can be invited. An open line of communication is the first step in making plans that work for everyone.
  2. Plan Finger Foods: Of course all kids are going to miraculously be hungry when they come to a party. So, plan on having easy foods that aren’t messy. Avoid anything with nuts so you aren’t making a trip to the ER with an allergy. Theme shaped pizzas are always an easy finger food.
  3. Don’t Forget the Paper: Paper cups, paper napkins, and paper plates are a must for any kids’ party. You don’t want to be washing dishes for 13 messy kids. Keep it easy and get all the eating essentials in the paper.
  4. Make it Simple: It’s so easy to go overboard on the decorations, the party favors, and kids activities, but just remember you have to clean it up when everyone leaves. Make your party decorations and activities simple. A few decorations, a sign, and a few balloons are all that is really needed. Kids don’t care about the decorations anyways; they care about having fun! Get out the water balloons, have a dance competition, or play some high-energy games.
  5. Send Invitations at the Right Time: You don’t want to send out your invitations to early that people forget, but you want to send them out early enough that parents can set up arrangements to get their children to your part. A month in advance is usually a good time to send invitations.

Lady-Bug-Party- (Crystal Clear Printing)

Ladybug Party Idea


Planning the perfect kids party doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. Kids just want to have fun, so see what your kid and their friends are into and plan around it! What other tips do you have for planning the perfect kids party?


Jess Weaver

Jess is a mom of 4 kiddos, wife to a handsome bearded man, she loves writing, sleeping, and sunshine.

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Erin - Suburban Simplicity

Party planning can get overwhelming, so these are all good tips! Thanks for sharing at #WelcomeHomeWednesdays! See you tomorrow!