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Preemie Bryar and AngelGuard

 Preemie Bryar and AngelGuard

Just under three years ago we welcomed little Bryar Riley into the world. After a troubled pregnancy my sister was put onto bedrest in hopes to keep him in just a little while longer. Praying for a 5 pound baby while being on bedrest, numerous trips to the emergency room to stop labor and get shots to help him grow a little faster the final trip to the emergency room had arrived. Her normal doctor wasn’t on call and there was another doctor on hand that said she had to go to the city that night to get the medical attention she needed. They did stop labor at the first hospital, loaded her into an ambulance and away she went.

Once at the second hospital after checking her out, looking at her medical records and etc they put her into bed. Also giving her medication to keep Bryar in just a few more days. She made it two more days of being in the hospital bed before Bryar decided he was making his appearance. After a C-Section delivery we were blessed with a preemie that weighed 5 pounds and was delivered at 31 weeks. But he wasn’t out of the woods yet, we had a long road ahead feeding tubes, oxygen, trouble breathing on his own and weight loss were just a few of the obstacles he faced. Bryar was in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for two weeks where he had to be monitored 24 hours a day.

He was allowed to go home after he gained weight, could do all of his breathing and eating on his own as well as his temperature remained stable. But we had a problem, because he was so small his carseat looked like a giant around him. We had to stuff blankets and a head rest inside of his carseat just to keep him cuddled up so there wasn’t a lot of movement. This got to be a pain but it was something we were glad to have a solution but I often thought that there should be a carseat built just for preemies.

Preemie Bryar and AngelGuard


Little did we know back then that Angel-Guard makes this amazing carseat found above. This would have been much easier because it is actually built with preemies in mind. This bed/carseat can actually be delivered the next day when you purchase from a website which is a great feature when it is time for your preemie baby to come home. Check out the details about the carseat bed below.

Technical Information:

  • Specifically designed for transporing infants, particularly those weighing less than 5 lbs. and with special medical needs.
  • For use with infants up to 9 lbs. and 21.5 in.
  • Increased height limit to 21.5 in. is applicable to all Angel Ride infant car beds in use.
  • All products in use must be within the useful life as defiined on the product.


  • Unique design allows infant to be positioned on back, stomach or side.
  • Five-degree surface raises infant’s head to facilitate breathing.
  • Patented, wrap-around harness creates added protection during a sudden stop or crash.
  • Fabric harness cushions buckle while allowing quick release.
  • Improved vehicle installation system ensures a more secure fit.
  • Deep, fully padded shell combines impact protection with ventilation.

If you have a Preemie I would effeminately recommend the Carseat bed by AngelGuard for safely transporting your preemie.

*Sponsored Post but all opinions are my own and based on my nephew’s birth and nicu experiences. Please see full disclosure here. 

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