Road Trip Survival Guide

Road Trips are a summer time luxury that we all enjoy! However, there are of course a few essentials that you need to help keep your sanity while traveling to your next destination. Gone are the days of just a paper map to guide our way but sometimes it is nice to have them on hand for those just in case the GPS doesn’t have the correct route. I know that my family and I have been saved more than once by using both of the tried and true navigation. We even have an “old school” atlas in our vehicle or those times that we might have gotten lost otherwise.

Routine Oil Change & Check up

Before you hit the road take your vehicle in for a routine oil change and check up. The money you save will be your own and if you keep your vehicle in tip top shape, your vacation shouldn’t cost you a huge mechanic bill. Most dealerships will top off your fluids, do routine maintenance and kick your tires to make sure they are safe for traveling. Trust me, they don’t “kick” the tires literally but they know all of the signs of a worn out tire, and I for one would rather be safe than sorry.

Pack lightly

Don’t overpack your vehicle with a bunch of stuff that won’t be used anyway. Plus the more things you have in your car, the higher probability is that a thief will strike. Double check with your insurance agent that you have road side assistance, and theft coverage. You can never be too safe when it comes time to travel. Don’t forget to pack the essential roadside essentials kit for emergencies.

Stock up on Snacks

Snacking and roadtrips go together like peanut butter and jelly at least in my family! Picking up snacks at a gas station along the way can cost you lots of added dollars so stocking up for your trip before hand is the way to go. Here are some snacking essentials especially when traveling with kids!
Fruit Snacks
Crackers (peanut butter or cheese)
Trail Mix
Beef Jerky
Water Bottles (remember to freeze a couple of them so you don’t have to keep buying ice as your trip progresses.)
Flavor Packs for water

And of course your “family favorites” that the kids or adults would be lost without. Keep the cooler in a handy location, so you can get snacks out of it easily while taking a break. Our favorite day of the travel week is the first day because we always take picnic foods to enjoy along side the road at a park. It allows us to take a break from behind the wheel and the kids can burn off some energy too! Talk about a win, win!

Road Trip Survival Guide

Make room for Comfort

One of the first trips we took when Liz was a baby was a 18 hour drive and we learned the hard way that she gets carsick. We had to purchase medicine at a gas station and we won’t even talk about the meltdown she had when we figured out we had left her favorite blanket at home. Now when we travel the medicine and blanket are one of the first things we add to the vehicle and at 21 years old she still travels with her blanket! Don’t forget your favorite pillows, a couple of toys, and of course things to keep the kids busy in the car. We always made sure the electronics were charged and ready to go, but pack those portable chargers too. Because when you are in a car, the I’m bored comes all too quickly. Just remember to go and have a fun time because the memories you are making will be priceless! It won’t be long and you will look into the backseat and wonder where the time has went.

Owning a vehicle is an investment and we all know how expensive they are. Check out all of the “vehicle” themed articles I have on the site.


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