Romantic Night In With World Port Seafood

This post is in partnership with World Port Seafood, however, all opinions are 100% my own.

Romantic Night In With World Port Seafood

Being Empty Nesters is something that Brady and I have come to enjoy and although we miss our daughter being little we are embracing this new chapter in life. When I had the chance to partner up with World Port Seafood I knew that it would be perfect for us because if it is one thing I’ve learned, it is cooking for two is hard work. We have always been a family of foodies and that has rubbed off on Elizabeth as well, but the stack of leftovers in our freezer was starting to get out of hand. After two meals of the same food you become tired of it quickly and re-purpose it into the next meal, but that can only be done so many times. So, I was excited when I opened the World Port Seafood box and found meals that were easily cooked in smaller portions.

The Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo did look amazing but due to some lifestyle changes we no longer enjoy the pastas and carbs like we did when we were younger. But it got me thinking about a fun way I could “spoil” Elizabeth and Austin, so I put on my thinking cap and came up with the perfect solution I like to call “Romantic Night In.” I decided I would go with an Italian Themed meal using the Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo from World Port Seafood as well as a package of garlic cheese bread. I then paired that up with two matching plates and an Italian Themed serving dish and of course a Lady & The Tramp Blu-Ray because it just fit perfectly. But then I felt kind of bad our “grand-pup” Grizzly was going to be left out so I picked up a frame so that they could include him in their special night. Read more about Paw Preservation to help them celebrate their new beginnings as a couple.

Romantic Date Night In is perfect for newlyweds & Empty Nesters

Then, I hand delivered the basket of goodies onto their kitchen table fulling expecting to leave before they got home. But they caught me in mid-delivery so then I ended up being their personal chef. But they both loved the fresh shrimp as well as not having to cook or clean the kitchen. Grizzly was a little disappointed that he didn’t get to try World Port Seafood, but I made up for that when I let him have a few extra dog treats.

What else did I receive?

16 ounces of Argentinian Red Shrimp

2.50 Pounds of Tortilla Encrusted Tilapia

18 ounces of Stuffed Sole Fillets that are stuffed with scallops & crabmeat

Stuffed Sole Fillets from World port seafood

Along with the yummy Shrimp Alfredo, everything we have tried has been delicious

Why World Port Seafood?

For me the biggest selling points are:

The seafood is high-quality & delivered straight to my door.

It’s fresh and you know that it will be frozen when it arrives & will remain frozen until you get there to bring it inside.

Everything you order is 100% guaranteed!! (I know my local grocery store doesn’t have that one!)

Free shipping on orders that are $49 or more which makes it a budget-friendly food as well.

And finally, World Port Seafood offers a Seafood Hotline that will give you seafood cooking tips, it’s almost like having a personal chef in your very own kitchen.

Call #WPSeafood and check it out for yourself 1-800-315-FISH




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Lauryn R

What a great idea! I love date nights in, as I am really not fan of going out and I think that it is more romantic. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!