*Verizon sent me the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 from Verizon to review. All opinions and experiences are my own. Be sure to follow along on the hashtag #Vzreview for all the newest technology updates!

Top 10 Reasons to Get The New Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

We all know that I love technology and am always traveling somewhere. Some would even say that I’m a creature of habit and over-pack, bring to much “work” with me or even work to much while I’m gone. But this last trip I was able to shut down a little bit and enjoy life for a few days. But we all know that I’m not leaving it all behind so I took the New Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with me. While I didn’t work a lot while I was gone I was able to check my emails, work and get things done in record time. I really have came a long way from having to take my laptop with me every time I travel.

Top 10 Reasons to Get The New Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

  1. The Vivid Super Omeled screens is crystal clear and is perfect for surfing the Internet, working or even gaming when you want. 
  2. The 32 GB Storage allows you to keep all of your important pictures, work and more with you at all times. 
  3. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is portable, slim, and lightweight making it perfect for busy moms on the go! 
  4. It has Microsoft Office–Need I say more? 
  5. Split screens allows you to work on two things at once which is perfect for multi-taskers like myself. 

New Samsung Galaxy Tab S26. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 adapts to YOUR environment which gives you flexibility and freedom to do anything anywhere. 

7. Quick Connect allows you to share from your tablet directly to the television making it perfect for presentations. 

8. Picture quality is amazing even in low lighting! The camera launches in seconds so you are always ready to take a picture at a minutes notice.

9. SideSync allows you to share everything seamlessly between multiple devices. 

10. Available in silver, black and white so it’s perfect for everyone! 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 even come equipped with fingerprint safety features so everything is safe no matter what you are doing. The only improvement I would have liked to see is the battery life because I seem to be always charging it. But other than that it is a winner and something that I can’t wait to get for my next technology upgrade. Be sure you check it out on Verizon and add it to your Christmas shopping list! 

New Samsung Galaxy Tab S2