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Save Money And Improve Your Health

Save Money And Improve Your Health

E liquid and e-cigarettes are exceptionally popular nowadays. Clearomizers represent a step forward in the evolution of electronic cigarettes. They are one of the better options that are available, as you have better control over your use.

Electronic cigarettes have actually been around for approximately ten years now. However, significant advancements have been made over the past few years. These devices have been designed so that they mimic the form and function of traditional cigarettes that are filled with tobacco. Electronic cigarettes give users the oral fix they desire. They will experience sensations that are almost identical to a traditional cigarette, however, they will not suffer all of the health risks that come with smoking. 

Save Money And Improve Your Health

They will also save a considerable amount of money as well. We will delve into the benefits in further detail later on in this post. Nonetheless, this industry is certainly one that is on the up at the moment. Not only are advancements being made in the types of e-cigarettes that you can use, but you can also take advantage of a whole host of different flavours too. This has made the experience much more realistic and enjoyable, which of course can only be of benefit to the user. 


It is not difficult to see why so many people are turning towards this solution. A Metro article actually revealed that e-cigarettes have helped almost ninety per cent of smokers to quit tobacco entirely. The online survey revealed that 70 per cent of people said they did not have as much of an urge to smoke thanks to switching to the best e juice. Aside from this, every three in four people questioned said that it had been at least several weeks or a month since they last smoked a traditional cigarette. More than 90 per cent of people said that electronic cigarette liquid had reduced their craving for tobacco cigarettes by a significant degree. This shows the results that are people are actually experiencing by giving up conventional smoking for the vaping experience. The best electronic cigarette liquid will make it much easier for people to quit smoking when compared with other methods, such as nicotine patches, because vaping mimics the act of smoking. Consequently, a lot of people do not actually feel like they are giving up smoking at all. This, in turn, means that their cravings aren’t as significant and thus they do not feel the need to revert back to traditional smoking.

Save Money And Improve Your Health

The risks associated with smoking are well documented. However, they are many more disadvantages and dangers that a lot of people are unaware of.  To give you a true reflection of why you should definitely quit smoking, we are going to take a look at the timeline of benefits you can expect to experience once you switch to the vaping. The advantages of quitting smoking are felt a lot more quickly than you may image. In fact, within a mere twenty minutes your heart rate will start to drop back to its normal level, whilst your peripheral circulation will have also improved within just two hours. You may notice that your toes and fingers start to feel warm. Within 24 hours your risk of a heart attack will have already fallen and the carbon monoxide in your body will have lowered significantly. One thing you will certainly notice, typically within a couple of days, is that your sense of smell and taste will improve. This is one of the most obvious consequences of smoking and thus by saying goodbye to cigarettes you will not only improve your health but you will find greater satisfaction in other things. Several weeks after you have started using e liquid you will find that you breathe easier and cough less, as your lung function will have improved significantly.


There are plenty of long term benefits you will notice as well. Within nine months you should find that your lungs have begun the process of repair, which is of course where smoking causes major damage. A year after you have turned to the vaping instead of smoking you will have reduced the chance of heart disease by half. Several years after this, typically five years after quitting smoking, you will have lowered your chance of a stroke to the same level as a non-smoker. Other long term benefits include lowering your risk of lung cancer as well as your risk of heart disease. Research also indicates that non-smokers live 14 years longer than smokers on average, so you will extend your life span by kicking the habit to the curb. 


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