Segway Tour Through Miami’s Art Deco District

Segway Tour Through Miami's Art Deco District

After spending the day in Nassau Bahamas we loaded up on the cruise ship for our trek home. After cruising all night we arrived in the port of Miami bright and early. After a quick sunrise picture taking experience, followed by breakfast it was time to depart our cruise ship Majesty of the Seas. We gathered our belongings and made our way through the ship one more time and got into line to go through customs. After making it through customs, and out of the cruise ship area we had to find a taxi to take us to our next adventure. Finding a taxi was very easy, we put our stuff in the trunk and away we went! We quickly made our way to South Beach for our Segway Tour that would take us through Miami’s Art Deco District! 


Finding the shop was relatively easy because we had the address, but when we were on the street it was kind of tucked into the wall and not a lot of action going on around it. But we knew we were in the right spot, so we got out of the taxi, collected our bags and paid our fare. So we had arrived and the fun was just getting started! We went into Miami’s Bike and Roll, told them our names and we were greeted with the manager who helped us get ready. He even had a spot for us to keep our luggage and our purses safe which was above and beyond service in my book. Then the fun began as we were taught how to ride a Segway! 

Miami's Art Deco Tour

At first I was a little more than bad at driving it and even ran into a pole (literally), thankfully I wasn’t hurt to bad, but my shin sure had a nice bruise on it. But after a little more practice I was doing ok and knew it would be fun! We had a long time to wait for our tour guide to get there because there were several employee issues that day, but Tiago was worth the wait!! 

After Tiago arrived, we quickly got up onto our Segways and took off to start the tour. At first we went single file in the bike lanes, but in some areas we had to go two by two so we were more vehicle like. It was really fun from the start and we saw a lot of amazing things while on the two and half hour tour! Check out this video taken by the GoPro I strapped to Stefanie’s Segway (after my first crash I wasn’t sure I would make it out alive.)
The Art Deco feel brought you back in time and made you think about how great things looked during the  1920’s and 1930’s! Gone are most of those buildings now in most locations, but in Miami, Florida they are being well taken care of! It is actually against the law to change the outside of the buildings which says something about their pride in my opinion. We traveled two and half hours on the Segways, stopping along the way at various locations along the way. But one of the most fun stops was a little coffee shop for a shot of Cafe Con Leche and it was Amazing at the Las Olas Cafe which is known for it’s Cuban Food. But they only take cash, so come prepared for that! Las Olas Cafe is a must stop visit destination, my only regret is that there wasn’t enough time for lunch! 
But as we continued on the tour we made a stop at the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach and while it was gorgeous it was a tough stop to make. Tiago filled us in on some history and why this tribute was built. It was a harsh reality that lots of people faced and it was a very surreal visit to the museum.
After our somber stop we made a quick stop at the New World Symphony  and listened to the music that was being played. And continued on our merry way, but sadly enough we quickly made it back to our starting location of Bike And Roll. The tour was over and thus concluding our trip to the Bahamas! It was a fabulous ride and one that I can’t wait to do again! Be sure you book your own sightseeing tour or cruise because I promise it will be worth it! 


 Have you ever went on a Segaway Tour?? Tell me all about your trip! 

 This trip was provided by Tours4Fun and Cruise4Fun but all experiences and opinions are my own. 

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