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Shatto Milk Company Tour

Shatto Milk Company Tour

Being a stay at home mom to a 16 year old isn’t always so much fun, but because I have nieces and nephews it sometimes is even more fun! Being a school teacher at heart I miss the field trips that I used to go on so when my niece Ivy asked me to go on one with her, I couldn’t say no! We headed out for a fun filled day at Shatto Milk Company followed by the Pony Express Museum and both places were delightful! 

Because I wanted to give you a bird’s eye view of the dairy tour I decided the best way to do that was through a video slide show! Check out all of our fun in the pictures below! 


During the tour we got to see milk being processed, cows being milked and of course taste some of their delicious flavored milks. We were even taught all about milking, processing the milk and the kids got a hands on experience with baby cows. But I think my favorite part was the 1954 Divco Truck that was once used as a milk delivery service. It now is drove in parades but the coolest features of the truck are that you stand up to drive it and the horn moo’s like a cow!! How cool is that?? 

Shatto Dairy Truck
They offer guided tours of the dairy and bottle facility, have lots of special events through the year and of course have a one of a kind General Store on the farm. They have a plethora of dairy products, cheeses, and of course unique flavored milk to purchase. We tried several flavors the day we were there and my favorite was coffee flavored milk and my least favorite was banana. But the kids seemed to love the banana and of course chocolate! 
 I love that it is a family run dairy that provides local milk in glass bottles for younger generations to enjoy! So be sure you head out to Shatto Dairy for a tour, a stop at the General Store, or even just a visit. I promise the whole family will enjoy the day on the farm!