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Shopping Tips That Save You Money

If you have followed me for very long at all you know that I’m F.R.U.G.A.L in every sense of the word and if there is a coupon, a sale or a way to find a discount I’m going to be the one to have it. However, about 5 years ago I went off on a wild and crazy extreme and did some extreme couponing, money saving and more. While I’m frugal now, I’m not the coupon clipping, spending hours looking for the best price and so on and so forth. I know that being frugal was ingrained into me by my Nana and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But in today’s society we have to learn to save and not spend as well as not buying as much “stuff”.

Before I make any purchase I ask myself the following questions.

  1. Do I love it? Do I need it? Or do I just want it? If it’s just a want, I snap a picture of the said item and wait to purchase it until later. If I need it, or love it I purchase it, but honestly I don’t “need” a lot of things anymore.
  2. Would I be willing to get rid of something in my house if I were to purchase this item? I have a 1 in 1 out rule and it simply is if I bring something home that is new, something old has to go. I list it online for sale, donate the item if it still has use left in it, or pitch it if I can’t reuse it in some capacity.
  3. Will this item clutter my house or be useful? If it’s clutter it doesn’t get bought, and if I want to remember it, I snap a picture in the middle of the store. If it is useful ideally I want it to be something we will use everyday or at least a few times a week.
  4. Will the item save me time, money, or be worth the investment? If not, you guessed it, it gets left for another day.

MyCharge HubPlus Charger Review

Just Because It’s on Sale Doesn’t Mean You Have to Buy it!

A great example of this is Amazon Prime Day (don’t hate me, I LOVE shopping Amazon Prime Days and get some killer deals.) But not always is a sale a license to buy things, but it also allows you to save money where you can so you can splurge on things you want. But I have a list of things that I WANT you to buy year around, not just on Amazon Prime Day.

The best portable charger on the market

Why you ask?

Because these awesome items answers number 4 many times over in most cases. Plus allow me to support great brands and get the most value for my frugal dollars.

First and foremost we are going to talk about MyCharge. I love being able to stay charged up when I’m on the go and with the built in cords, I don’t have to dig to the bottom of my purse to find my charger and cords. myCharge is a convenient and versatile way to charge your electronics. It’s also powerful. This isn’t something you carry around that you hope to work, it DOES work. The HubPlus-C also features a built-in Micro USB charging cable and a USB-C charging cable, allowing you to charge multiple devices and to keep up with the new USB-C charging standard.

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HubMax Universal (first charger combining Apple Lightning and USB-C cables)

AdventureMax is one of my favorites that I use when we are out walking, hiking, or photographing nature items.

Shopping tips that save You Money