Simple RV Storage Solutions

Simple RV Storage Solutions

Traveling in an RV whether for a weekend or a month long journey can be tough to manage, but these simple RV storage solutions totally revitalize how it can be done. With a few simple tricks, you can easily make more room for the things you need and want while on the road in the comfort of your RV.


Simple RV Storage Solutions


Load media to hard drives.  One huge item that takes up space, yet is always wanted in your RV are those things like books, music and DVD’s. Instead of packing all of your favorites, download them to a handy hard drive or flash drive instead. Music and DVD’s digital copies are easy and simple to load onto an external drive for your laptop,or event o hook up to the television in your RV. Books can be purchased or downloaded for free as an eBook to use on an eReader or even on your phone.


Pack clothing that is multi-purpose.  One huge waste of space is clothing, but it is a necessary evil when traveling. Instead of packing a ton of clothing, create a simple wardrobe that mixes and matches easily. Bring things like a simple long sleeved denim shirt that can layer over a basic tee for cooler weather, or for women dresses that are great for warm weather, and leggings to go under them along with a cardigan to transition to cold weather. 


Invest in the right storage tools.  While there are many quality storage pieces and organizers everywhere for purchase, take the time to shop the RV specific websites and stores. They carry pieces that are designed to utilize the space better than others. From closet caddies to bathroom shower caddies that have both suction cups and straps to keep items in place while moving, it pays to invest in the right storage tool for the job.


Limit kitchen utensils to multi-purpose tools.  Even though you may use the bread machine weekly at home, it is a bulky appliance to add to your RV kitchen. Consider your space and needs for the time you will be in the RV. Only bring items you must have, and look for multi-purpose items instead. A food processor can blend, slice, shred and puree eliminating the need for a mixer or blender in many events. A hand held old fashioned can opener is more than efficient and easy to slide into the utensil storage area. Before you pack, think about what other tools you have on hand that can do the same job and not take up so much space.


Make a menu plan and only bring what you need for that. Instead of stocking your RV pantry with everything you would have in your home pantry, pack only what you know you will be using during your trip. For those who live in an RV full time, this of course will be different. However, those who are traveling for short periods of time can easily create a menu plan and utilize items multiple times so as not to over pack the kitchen pantry.


Remember these simple RV storage solutions aren’t just about making room for everything in your traveling home. They also are meant to keep the weight you are carrying to a minimum. The less you pack, the less your RV will weigh. That results in safer travel and much higher gas mileage along the road.