Small Changes That Can Save You Big Bucks On Your Next Interstate Trip!

As you know, travel is one of my passions. Especially traveling within the USA. There are so many cool little places to visit and experience. What with international travel being so expensive too, it’s a good that the US has such varied places to visit. If you are considering traveling interstate, read on for some tips on saving money while still having a great vacation.

Small Changes That Can Save You Big Bucks On Your Next Interstate Trip!


Firstly, even if you are not too keen on capping your spending, having a daily budget for your break in another state can help you save some money. In fact, it’s useful to get out the cash that you have to spend for the whole break and divide it up into a pile for each day. Then it’s easy to see what you have spent, and what you have left. This will stop you going over your set budget and having to make up the deficit when you return home.

It’s also a fantastic idea to keep an overall eye on the budget for the whole trip. This should include your travel costs in getting there and your accommodation, as well as your spending money. Then if you do come across any unexpected costs, you can see how they fit into the cost of your holiday as a whole. Remember that it’s always wise to have some sort of buffer, just in case.


Private rentals are a great way of seeing the place that you are visiting while saving money. Sites like Airbnb offer rooms or entire homes for rent, at a nightly rate.

These are often in much better locations and at a much better price than the hotels in the areas. You also have the advantage of being surrounded by home comforts.

In fact, if you are going away with a group of people or your whole family. It can be a much more cost-effective option to rent an apartment. That way everyone gets their own rooms, without having to pay for multiple hotel rooms, and some shared spaced to chill out in. You can also cook some meals at home, saving money there too.

Eating Out

Of course, you will want to eat out at some point soon your vacation. The best way to do this is to through research what is on offer in the area you are going to before you get there.


Then you can decide on the special meals that you will pay a bit extra for, and plan when you will have them. Then for other meal times, you can pick a chain restaurant like IHOP, which will be a cheaper option. You can even get a complete list of menu pricing information. So you can get a sense of what each meal with cost you and work this into your daily budget.

Free Tours

Another brilliant way of saving some money when you are traveling is to look out for free or contribution only walking tours.

Small Changes That Can Save You Big Bucks On Your Next Interstate Trip!