Left to right top row:Truman Dam, Fantastic Caverns.

Middle row: My sister at Discovery Center, Map of MO, Pupil of the eye are our kids.

Bottom row: Riding the Ducks and Drive through Zoo
We did it again! We took a few days off to travel to Springfield, MO with a trip to Branson to do a couple things. A lot of the things we have done before, but most of them were new activities for us!! So as a quick recap here is the list of things we did.

Here are our favorites in order from 1-5. You can see we are all different yet the same at the same time. They are all amazing and I would do them all over again!

1-Ride the Ducks, Titanic, Titanic

2-Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, Ride the Ducks,Fantastic Caverns

3-Fantastic Caverns, Bass Pro,Wild Animal Safari

4-Wild Animal Safari,Discovery Center and /or Ride the Ducks, Wild Animal Safari

5-Bass pro, Dickerson Park Zoo, Bass Pro

There are other things that we did that are always fun to do as well. One must do stop is of course eating at Lambert’s Cafe. We also went to the Air and Military Museum, Shepard of the Hills Fish Hatchery. As well as shopping at Tanger Outlet as well as Branson Landing. On the way home we stopped at Warsaw to see Truman’s Dam and let the kids swim at the beach there. More details to come soon!!