Spirit Riding Free Season 7 Premieres Friday November 9

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Spirit Riding Free Season 7 Premieres Friday November 9

The PALs and their horses are back with big adventures in all new episodes of Dreamworks Spirit RIding free premiering on Netflix November 9th. To help you gallop faster towards the glorious holiday season do some holiday shopping online and pick up some cool Spirit Riding Free items like these fun items.

Spirit Riding Free Deluxe Walking Spirt & Lucky

Deluxe Spirit Walking Horse Set

The Netflix original series, DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free, follows the exciting adventures of three best friends and the horses they love. The new Spirit Riding Free Deluxe Spirit Walking Horse features the brave and adventurous Lucky and her cherished wild mustang, Spirit, in an action-packed play experience. The 14″ Spirit horse comes to life with realistic sounds and movement! Press the button on Spirit’s back and he will really walk and move his head – just like a real horse! The beautiful, 11.5″ Lucky doll is dressed in a signature outfit and special boots inspired by the show! Spirit even comes with built-in stirrups to hold Lucky’s legs so she can really ride Spirit as he walks! Ages 3+


  • Press button on Spirit’s back to activate walking motion.
  • Spirit has built in riding clips to hold Lucky.
  • Spirit plays horse sounds when the riding clips are folded in.
  • Spirit plays horse sounds and Lucky phrases when Lucky is riding him.
  • Lucky comes dressed in signature outfit from the show.
  • Both Lucky and Spirit have beautiful hair for brushing and styling.
  • Ages 3+

What’s Included

  • Set includes: 14” Spirit Walking Horse and 11.5” Lucky Doll.
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (included).

Pick up your Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free Deluxe Walking Spirit & Lucky today!

Spirit Blind Barn from Just play

Spirit Blind Barn from Just play

Now you can collect your own herd of wild horses with the DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Mini Horse Figures. These realistic horses are inspired by the new Netflix series, DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free. Each figure stands over 2 inches tall and comes packaged in a miniature barn and includes a stable! Open the barn to reveal the latest addition to your growing horse collection! The surprise is half the fun! Collect all 8 unique horse figures to create your own corral! Perfect for both kids and collectors alike. Each figure sold separately. Ages 3+
  • Figures stand over 2″ tall.
  • Each barn comes with one horse figure.
  • Includes display stable.
  • Features realistic horse details.
  • Ages 3+

Lucky with Spirit Horse Stall set from Playmobile

Lucky with Spirit Horse Stall set from Playmobile

Lucky and Spirit have an unbreakable bond, and together they are both trying to find their way in a strange, new world. Having never been trained to ride a horse, Lucky is hesitant to try riding, but the friendship she forms with Spirit makes it easier. Lucky trusts that Spirit will always have her back as they lean on each other and set out on many new adventures together. Before each adventure, Lucky heads down to the stables to brush Spirit’s coat or give him some oats. Then, the fun can begin! Set includes Lucky, Spirit, stable, with nameplate, blanket, harness, grooming tools, pitchfork, shovel, water bucket, and many other accessories. Recommended for ages four and up.

 Abigail's Diary 

 Abigail’s Diary

Abigails Diary is perfect for any bookworm and it allows them to explore the world of DreamWorks Animation’s Spirit Riding Free with this new series. Written in Diary format, featuring the innermost thoughts of Abigail Stone as she adventures with her best friends Lucky and Pru.

As Lucky, Pru and Abigail have shown us the importance of family and friends time and time again, we hope your holiday season is also filled with love, laughter, and fun adventures with your loved ones.

Season 7 Logline: Seasons change, and so do Lucky’s adventures, whether she’s racing through the snow, outsmarting villains or soaring high in the sky! Join me to watch the PALs ride like never before exclusively on Netflix November 9th.

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