Multitasking Tips Start Multitasking to be More Productive

Start Multitasking to be More Productive

Start Multitasking to be More Productive

Multitasking Tips I am a multitasker at heart and it drives Mr. SMSL batty, but I am more productive when I have several things going at one. Batching things together is a great way to multi-task because you do several “like” things for an extended period of time. I work in batching segments of 30 minutes all day long in order to get my jobs completed as well as housework and etc . Here are 6 great tips that you can implement to become a better multi-tasker!

Multi-tasking Tips

Implement these tasks below to start multitasking so you can be more productive!

1. Information = Action

Take action on what you are doing right now and only do it once. If you get the mail and there are bills to be paid, handle them one time. Pay the bills, put the items away or file them into the correct category. While you are checking your emails, return phone calls, and so on. Add things to your calendar so you know what you are doing and when you are doing it.

2. Toggling

Toggling is switching between tasks on your to do list. Essentially you can be doing 2 or three things at once and switch back and forth until you get done with all three of them. Follow one task through, go to the next and so on until you finish all of the “like” actions in one step.

3. Finish your batch

You are just leaving things behind or unfinished for a short amount of time. You want to be productive and complete your task within a reasonable amount of time. Put your items to do in order of importance so you know which projects has to be finished first. Then you complete them faster and on time as well so it is a win, win!!

4. Prioritize

Deadlines have to be met so make sure you put them in order of things that you need to have done at the top. Anything from your undone list can be moved until the next day if it isn’t due immediately. A few weeks of using this system and you will be meeting deadlines before the actual due date which is a great feeling!

5. Don’t Procrastinate

I know you have heard this one before, but you are really just giving up valuable time. So just conquer your list first and then you will have time for things you enjoy more often!

6. Solicit the Help of Others

Sometimes you just have to ask for help. I know it’s not my favorite thing to do either, but I have learned that when I ask for help I really am more productive in the end.

Don’t let multitasking scare you just set aside a segment of time and see what you can accomplish in that amount of time.



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Candy Kratzer

I guess I am a good toggler. After being a waitress and bartender for years. You learn fast how to multitask. If not your boat sinks fast and so does your tips.

Tammy Biggs

I am so obsessive compulsive I always multi task. My friends and family say I am too hyper because I am always doing something or things. I usually do one thing in one hand and something else in the other.

Rebecca Parsons

My favorite is having other people help. I used to want to do it all myself. But lets be honest who wants to be drug down by doing it all. I am happy that I changed that part about me.