Stay in Tune With an Auto Repair POS System

Tired of inefficient point of sale systems holding your auto repair shop back? Find out how you can tune-up your business with a dynamic POS system by Merchant Account Solutions. Upgrade to an affordable, safe and dynamic customer service platform to handle all your payment processing, time card reporting, and inventory tracking needs.

The Latest POS Hardware

The first thing you’ll notice about your new POS system is the stunning exterior design. This hardware is designed to be as sleek as your favorite ride, giving your auto repair shop the stylish, high-tech look you want. Choose one of these popular hardware options to upgrade your current, bulky POS system:

  • Clover Station
  • Clover Mini
  • Clover Mobile
  • CloverFlex
  • Clover Go

Choose one or more of these innovative options to keep your technicians moving and processing orders wherever is most convenient. A Clover Mobile, CloverFlex or Clover Go system allows your employees to create invoices and track inventory all-around your garage.

Safe and Reliable Transactions

Compared to older POS software, the latest Clover software has impressive safety features. Too often, credit card information can be stolen from unsecured credit card processing systems. This not only causes stress for your customers but can dramatically affect the reputation of your company. Your auto repair POS system needs to be safe enough for your customers to trust with their personal information.

State-of-the-Art Inventory and Time Card Reporting

Ever lost track of an essential part in your garage? Whether you’ve misplaced parts or ran out too soon due to poor inventory tracking practices, missing inventory can cause delays on emergency repair services.

Keep your garage fully stocked as you gear up for a busy season or continue with business as usual. Your Clover POS system doubles as an intuitive inventory tracking system to keep tabs on all your merchandise and immediately alert you when you run out of stock. When you run out or run low, your new POS system not only alerts your mechanics but also updates your inventory list to make it easy to order essential parts that are low or out of stock.

Timecard reporting on the same device as your POS system allows all your employees to clock in and clock out efficiently. Don’t spend hours calculating payroll or making errors due to improper time card entry. A convenient system streamlines the process and gives your mechanics more time to do what they love.

Contract-Free POS Solutions

Typical POS systems require you to pay costly setup fees and sign on to yearly contracts. Leading POS solutions allow you to start with no contract and affordable hardware. Don’t invest all your hard-earned money in the latest technology but enjoy affordable, efficient payment processing and inventory tracking.

Stay in Tune With an Auto Repair POS System

Gear Up for Excellent Customer Service

Your auto repair shop deserves the best in POS technology. When you’re ready to invest in leading technology that’s easy to use and easy to love, learn more about the newest Clover Station. This high-tech POS system delivers all these benefits to tune-up your auto repair shop and competes successfully in your area.