Still Time To Celebrate The Chinese New Year In Style

Still Time To Celebrate The Chinese New Year In Style

If you are looking for something to bring some joy and excitement to your life during the cold and rainy winter days, you might want to have a look at your calendar of festivities. Indeed, the Chinese New Year is on until February, 15, and it’s the promise of a lot of fun and plenty of hot dragons! Plenty of western towns are organizing a parade or redecorating their Chinese districts for the occasion, and while this will end soon, there’s no reason why the fun of the celebration should go away with it! So it’s time to go down to your local Chinatown and to embrace the festive spirit while it lasts. Don’t worry if you’ve missed it: It’s never too late to have fun, even after the big party. So here are a few suggestions for you to embrace the Chinese New Year in the best possible way, and to discover a new community.

Still Time To Celebrate The Chinese New Year In Style
Nouvel an chinois 2015 – Paris 13e

What’s The Chinese New Year?

First of all, the question that everybody asks: What is the Chinese New Year? The Chinese New Year started on January, 28 and will end on February 15, in 2017. The dates are different every year as they are based on the lunisolar calendar. But as a rule of the thumb, when it comes to the celebrations, they start the day before the new year, and they continue for 15 days, until Lantern Day. China also follows an animal horoscope, that defines your zodiac sign. 2017 is the year of the Rooster, which is said to be not the best ally in social situations due to its volatile emotional behavior, despite being independent, honest, confident and competent. If you are interested in finding out your Chinese sign, people born in 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981 and 1969 are born under the sign of the Rooster, yet do check with a Chinese horoscope if you were born in January or February. Other signs include the Hare, the Pig, the Snake and even the Rat.


Why Not Celebrate In China?

The best way to celebrate the Chinese New Year is to plan for unforgettable China holidays with mesmerizing tours in a country that was closed to foreign visitors until the early 1980s. The history of China is as rich as it is impressive through its stunning architecture. Among which, the Great Wall of China is one of the greatest wonders of the world, and only a few hours drive from the main city, Beijing. If you are staying in Beijing, do make sure to visit the Forbidden City, the imperial palace built in the early 15th century that has served as home for 24 emperors under the Ming and the Qing dynasties. Finally, don’t miss the fascinating Terracotta Army in Xian, an army of thousands of the terracotta figures built for the imperial defense in the afterlife and buried with their emperor.


Stay At Home And Celebrate In The Kitchen

Or you could simply celebrate from the comfort of your home with delicious Chinese recipes, such as the almond cookies and the pineapple tarts that are traditional treats of the new year. Not a sweet tooth? Try the delicious Chinese dumplings with your own take on the famous dim sum sauce to create dining experiences that no one will forget!



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