Stocking Stuffers Under $1


Stocking stuffers are one of my favorite things to buy, but I want to do them as cheaply as possible. Here is a list of 25 $1 or Less Stocking Stuffer Ideas to help you with your Christmas shopping. I look at lots of stores for these items all year long so I can stock up for the holidays. Put several of them together and you can make cheap gifts for teen girls as well. I shop the following stores: Dollar Tree, Target $1 section, Walmart toy section that has mostly 88 cent toys, Dollar General, Family Dollar and of course the $1 store to name a few. Check the clearance sections of all your local stores as well every time you go shopping, because I have received some amazing bargains shopping the clearance sections.

Remember that online you can check Amazon, Ebay and of Etsy for one of a kind gifts as well. Happy Stocking Stuffer Shopping!

1. Hand Sanitizer
2. Travel Size Tissue

3. Chewing Gum

4. Mini Notebook

5. Holiday Pencils

6. Holiday Erasers

7. Travel Size Lotion

8. Coloring Books

9. Candy Bars

10. Chapstick

11. Socks

12. Hair accessories

13. Nail Polish

14. Nail Files

15. Miniature Toy Cars

16. Playing Cards

17. Mini Washi Tape Rolls

18. Crayons

19. Chalk

20. Bubbles

21. Stickers

22. Key Chains

23. Snack Size Chips, Crackers, Cookies

24. Assorted Kid’s Craft Supplies

25. Night Lights

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Remember if you are looking for unique gifts to look around our Holiday Gift Guide for some great holiday gift ideas! We always add an orange in the toe of the stockings, then fill it with goodies such as our favorite candy, a new cell phone cover for our daughter and sometimes us. But one thing is for certain, you never know what you will find in your stocking from Santa at the SMSL with Heidi household.

Happy Stocking Stuffer Shopping!